Tech4Society is led by a Steering Committee (open to all active members). However, members may apply for an officer position and specialize in a set of duties on a consistent basis if they wish. In the absence of a dedicated officer, the Steering Committee will be collectively responsible for all unclaimed duties.

The following are some open positions. The most needed are marked with a red star (*). If you are interested in doing specialized work for T4S that is not covered by one of these positions, please contact us (

Club-wide officer positions

Chair / Co-chair

The public face of Tech4Society, interfacing with the university and the wider community. They are the official Point of Contact with SLICE and responsible for responding to emails sent to from people outside the club. They lead T4S meetings (or appoint someone to lead a meeting), organize recruitment events, and so on.

* Secretary

Keeps track of membership and sends out regular email reminders of T4S work nights and other events. Optionally, may also be responsible for fliers or publicity.


Responsible for reimbursements and funding applications. Needs to complete authorized signer training with CMU to be able to process reimbursements.

* Social media officer

Responsible for collecting material about events (photos, blurbs, etc.) and posting them online (any of: website, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media site). If you want tips and tricks for handling social media accounts, a T4S alumni who has been working as a social media officer for another group may be able to mentor you!


Responsible for keeping website up to date and making sure people have the accounts to access and post content. May have some overlap with the Social Media Officer or Secretary officer positions.

Course Coordination Officer

Interfaces with faculty members who are teaching courses on computing for social good (e.g. AI for Social Good, Machine Learning for Public Policy), either to get project ideas that T4S volunteers could help with, or to propose current T4S projects to students in those classes to work on.

Project-specific officer positions

There are two leadership positions associated with each project. The first is the Strategist, a person who regularly interfaces with a local organization in order to get their feedback and shape the overall direction of the project; the second is the Internal Project Manager, a person who is on top of the current state of the project and sets tasks and goals for each work meeting, and gets new members up to speed on the project.

* Repro Rides Internal Project Manager

We are looking for someone familiar with the repro rides project to lead work meetings each week. This would involve keeping track of work done at meetings to set “to-dos” the next week, assigning people at meetings tasks to work on, and possibly sending out email reminders to members of the project.

* Cybersecurity Internal Project Manager

Currently, Restore the Fourth is spear-heading the effort of arranging cybersecurity clinics for activists. On our end, we will continue to help publicize and volunteer as helpers for these events. The internal project manager for this project would keep track of and distribute work to do each week.