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Aha, so this is the consequence of the mutation, exhibiting itself in extreme aggression. At least he isn’t the only one since both Suk-jin and Jae-suk are shoved off, too. . i also heard that chaewon got negative comments because of her aegyo and her being overfriendly. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); It’s a winter wonderland on Running Man this week, where bizarre weather forces our cast to find the one spot on Earth that will save them from the elements. 3. Yeah her aegyo was too cute the way she was going on about the chocolate. Haha hopes that they don’t end up in the water today. }; i like lee min jung, suzy (god even suzy! I said how arrogant she is ,monster isn't main guest but still he has a role and should do his best.I hope next episode she do better. Mission: Clear the cards by pairing same-numbered cards | Guests: Lee Seung-gi, Moon Chae-won, Lee Seo-Jin. Haha agree! If I don't, then it means the guest/episode isn't doing it for me and I'll be expressing it as much as I want. Honestly, your analogies just sound so out of context to me. 228. It wouldn't have mattered if she did really work hard for it or if she had really been instrumental in winning games (read: not being handled with kid gloves by other competitors). There is of course, one place on Earth that will remain safe, and their mission is to collect hints and find that location. I hope it's heated or something ... Can't wait for another year of Running Man! that's the problem. It's just too naive to think that way. Everyone racks their brains in their respectives cars, and the final mission location shows nine various landscapes, including mountains, oceans, etc. so its not her fault at all to be treated like that. actually, they should do a running man episode WITH Na PD and seojin as guests haha... bcause thy are good at talking to the guests. Ha, way to lead the Monster to you. I have no idea why there's such bitterness between the two fandoms but I belong to none. In a way she was right, she'd seen an opening and made a deal, and it wasn't the most honorable deal but oh well. The first two games were 'easy' and pretty low-key, esp with variety veteran Seung-gi (he's just so comfortable as MC/Variety/guest/in front of the camera) and quiet Chae-won... Then as they begin a easy 'find the box' game - it turns into a horror/thriller with people jumping out behind walls/corners, people being taken out by a 'Monster'.... lolll it was really exciting to watch, and I can even feel the excitement/adrenaline for these 5-year pros being thrilled by the sudden action. Seung-gi: “I usually have my steak very well-done. 5. They grow upset when they’re told to take the hint with them: “Why were we trying to sneak around then?!”. Jan 04, 2015. Running Man (2014) EP 225 Eng Sub - We open with a solemn-looking Kim Woo Bin asking someone off-screen if he wants to hear about a big deal that’s about to go down tonight. They regroup and share descriptions about the masked rotund man whom Ji-hyo says is a MMA fighter. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { But an ahjumma like me likes to spice things up now and then. No against MSW because i think she's great when she help JS and SG fight the monster, it's clearly see that she's not a weak female guest. About MCW, i did not expect much from her but her chocolate moment makes me laugh alot. Change ). It takes the fun out of watching RM. }); I was watching with glee and hoping they could ace the pepero game. yeah, despite all the hugs, linking arms, we need more of the pepero game between the two hahaha. I'm a Hyo Joo fan but even I think the HHJ vs. MCW fanwars are ridiculous, ESPECIALLY when the two are like besties. Here’s the complete episode. I wonder why dclsg fans seems so quite than before.. . Seung Ji, the expert natural host, started off the show sitting with her instead of standing at his podium, just to get her to open up and speak freely. Srsly, she's like that, and criticizing her for what? Seung-gi checks behind a bookshelf to discover the vaccine—a bracelet they must put on the Monster. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. If he hosts a show with JS, people will compare them a lot saying he's copying. It happens to be another VJ, but then a burly yell has them running. great way to start 2015 rm. They sooo need to have another peppero game this time it's not ice. So Kwang-soo and Jae-suk start biting, even turning their heads, to everyone’s shock. The “monster” picks up Jong-kook like a doll (!!!) While that picks up another point, it also leaves Suk-jin to fend for himself with the others. What a great way to start off 2015 on a high note, and it looks like we’ll get more of Seung-gi and Chae-won next week with our favorite grump: Seojinnie. Regardless, I really enjoy it so keep up the good work. Link Nonton: Disini. For the sake of the 2 women's friendship, just have to be the bigger person. I'm looking forward to part 2. Non-Drama TV Program Search Response Top 10 Every person is different! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Like how when they have to trick a guest, he's the one who overcompensates and acts too obvious? Required fields are marked *, One of the best episodes since 2013, maybe since episode 130 (for me of course), Lee Seung gi is getting uglier whats wrong. if you want to say mcw boring so how about sjh in this eps? lol calm down dear yoona fans didn’t abuse anyone ok secondly he can date MCW no one give a damn about that baby but does he loves her????lol. I think she was very cute in this episode. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, yeap, some are passable, some are great. After a long, suspenseful pause, the mud flat is the correct answer, and Suk-jin remarks that they’ve all come so far now. Noh Sa Yeon is still the best female guest though. None of the teams succeed in the first round, so they’ll be playing the Pepero game with their next item: a stick of ice. The ratings were about 13% which is what the show was doing at the time. the chocolate scene was awesome hahaha. RM itself is getting boring nowadays anyway. Cute with no personality. She took some time to break the ice. I couldn't care less for stuff like that so if my comment somehow is taken as 'putting MCW down' as a 'HHJ fan' then sorry, but I'm not sorry whatsoever. She seems like that too in the interviews. since lsg already on the show before so thy focus their attention to mcw. Why Jae Suk And Kwang Soo are always together????? L-O-FUCKING-L! Cut to: SpartAce and Suk-jin sitting in silence. I always love the episodes with LSG as guest. I think you really can't expect every one to be good on variety show.Even Song Ji Hyo who's been there for years is quite boring. appId : '127538621120543', All the teams seem certain about their guesses, though they’re warned that an incorrect guess will lead to “rain,” as in, a downpour. I respect and admire Seung Gi very much but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with whatever his decision, he himself acknowledges he’s stubborn and doesn’t listen to anyone when he determined to do something, especially he’s blindly in love. i dont want to point any fingers but please grow up. This show is classified as a game-variety show, where the cast members and guests complete missions in a landmark to win a race. seung gi and chaewon is sooo adorable!!!!! She is very cute and funny with people she knows. OMG, my heart skipped a beat because of moon chae won's agyeo <3 I understood that the other netizens found the Chocolate scene annoying but it's part of her job to get chummy with Lee seung gi because in the first place, they've been there for promotion purposes. The following were the highlights for me: 1. But it is Running Man for God sake! 7. “yoona fans didn’t abuse anyone” -> biggest joke ever, they’re not only bash MCW, they also consistently bash Seung Gi, they are one of the reasons I never warm up to that girl. LSG looks like he bulked up, ooooh, his side profile looks nice, especially his thick shoulder blades, or is he just wearing a lot of layering.... o , 0". I really enjoy the Monster Tag Game. I was kinda surprised with MCW, I kinda expect her to be shy and all, though still a lil' awkward. I don't wonder at her being an actress - pretty and easy to work. Xem phim online trực tuyến tốc độ nhanh, xem phim hành động, tâm lý tình cảm hấp dẫn, hài hước online chất lượng cao, xem phim online hay nhất Haha jokes that they should do a do-over with the remaining 4.5 cm. I actually missed that (too focused on SG) I don't actually care where she was, it might be a treatment of favor but she could have had an urgent need. We demanded for a rematch! Overall, this is a great episode to start the year. But it's just that they have the same style and hold the same kind of clean life. Ji-hyo points out that both her male teammates have said no, to which Gary offers, “Shall I? With that, the incline slowly rises and so do their fears. excellent points all - If you felt I did, then that's your bad *shrugs*. Team Ji-hyo’s keyword is “tourist attraction,” the same word Seung-gi saw, along with the word for “high pressure.” He and his teammates must win the next mission or they’ll be really clueless. I second that...I want Wang Ji Hye to beat Kwang soo. Woah! It doesn’t work, and the Monster starts running. Haha, What with all the saying MCW is boring.Lol Idgaf. She wonders how they can oust the monster (Kwang-soo: “Can’t we punch him in the gut?”) and suggests Kwang-soo. The third game is the most entertaining segment in RM in a while. From what I've seen from the PDs actions thus far, I won't put it pass them to script SA to fail the mission or even tell them to do it a second time to fail if they succeeded. No laugh-out-loud, slap-sticky moments, but definitely cute and pleasant to watch. Yeah, I'm sure he wasn't thinking that. Lol. Reply. It’s a winter wonderland on Running Man this week, where bizarre weather forces our cast to find the one spot on Earth that will save them from the elements. mcw should be with yjs or kjk or lks in team and i thnk she will be more comfortable. Lols, Moon Chae Won fans should be used to this. They’d better not ruin his PRECIOUS FRIENDSHIP with MCW! . I think the woodcutting mission first appeared in there too. Not to mention Mongji who will disappear in any game. Atleast cut out on the pretty dumbs. Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won have been getting very good responds, their appearance on Running Man yesterday also being the hot topic in Korea too. That's why it was kind of nice to see LSG turn it right back around on her so effectively. But she was more aggressive here. sometime, i think girl, you're seriously prettier than guests. cause he is not not putting much effort in styling.. unlike ur idol . Then can you pls pin point where the exact scene where she acted like a princess?MCW is not really physical and she was really shy,right from the start of the show the casts already treated her that way.. Hi everyone, I had no intention of offending anyone when I brought up HHJ's name. We saw a fairy that every korean guy would like to have as a girlfriend. Funny. she admit that she not good but still try her best in rm show and i know members and staffs feel thankful for that. The girl is hilarious too and gets along with the cast really well. You can not find such posts in MCW's thread or site that attacked HHJ like how her fans did. js = d.createElement(s); = id; I love Moon Chae Won so freaking much!.. Just b/c a grapefruit is usually more sour than sweet, doesn't mean I won't enjoy a sweet grapefruit. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. Though out of breath, the Monster starts running when he spots Ji-hyo. Why are people bashing MCW?! I thought Chae Won was decent-- really cute and enjoyable to watch towards the latter part of the episode, albeit somewhat reserved. Hehehe! Please follow our other social media accounts for updates: Episode #004 - Gwacheon National Science Museum, Part 1. oh thanks :). I want him in a new show though, with kang Ho Dong and Lee Seo Jin and Eun Ji Won. Situs Nonton Running Man Situs In addition, "Running Man" is popular not only in Korea but also abroad. But at least, she gave it a try for at least once. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page oh those two suffering and moaning and moping side by side..bliss..the potential got me all warm and fuzyy inside. Some of female guests i like are Gong hyo jin, Son ye jin, Wang ji hye for example. Jae-suk and Kwang-soo run in circles until the Monster literally drives them into a corner. One of its competing programs was preempted for a soccer game, so it’s not clear how much of the increase can be attributed to our SeungGi. You can tell from Seung-gi's reactions to her. One might be overwhelmed by this number should you … But the reaction to this case is not negative at all, if anything its color is considered pink too since they also accept it as a given as other normal people’s cases if it turns out to be true. Previous comments? . Perhaps she's not that. The last time LSG was on RM with Han Hye Jin and Boa the ratings barely made it pass 10%. Suk-jin's unfortunate habit of inadvertently walking into dangerous zones. why dont they get that they are friends and promoting a romantic movie. She made it more exciting by creating internal conflict between the cast. Everyone is eager to sneak a glance at each other’s hints, and I’ll say that Haha’s pretty clever for looking through a camera in hopes to get a close-up. Each mission is action-packed and hilarious as each member tries to beat the others using their wits and skills. and poor seunggi stuck between fans. The chase sequence with the "Monster" was different. It was the answer like "Hell, no!". like what? I think she would've been better with people she knows - aka LSG and LKS. Haha. otherwise you're bringing hate to your star :). Im relieved to know that they were not being criticized. really? ;). Since SA succeeding is deemed harmful to the show's existing loveline. The only thing I could do was to go find help from anywhere, so i looked for a way to get her back then a friend recommended me to contact [email protected] that he will help me and as my friend said, Prophet.chasus helped me to bring back my girlfriend just in 3 days, I now have her back and this is the biggest joy of my life Hahaha. I wonder. But to purposely point out/target specific entertainer's "flaws" without mentioning others' "flaws" or give fair and valid reasons is only going to come off as being biased against one specific entertainer. As for JH & JK, it was uncomfortable 4 both bec I always thought they treat each other more like a bro n sis, u can clearly see n their rxns too, also MC is to me is just not the same anymore. It's ok since people need time to warm up. scary. Even without subs this episode was hilarious! Lastly, the Monster (Kim Ji-hoon) was great! What’s even cuter is that Seung-gi is more than willing to buy her some chocolate right then and there, telling the staff to look into whether the grocery will deliver. She hides, and he discovers her on her knees, pleading for mercy. I got the feeling KJK/SJH broke the ice pepero on purpose. Jong-kook worries that the melted spit can travel along the ice, but that’s not anything anyone wants to think about. For me to be 'mature', I have to appreciate every guest's 'situation' irrelevant of what they make me feel. Its hilarious from the side lines though, I gotta admit. It’s so shame! var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; They’re so delusional when thinking just some of YA’s immature fans being representative for the general Korean public or the Knets. I loved their chemistry. The rules are simple: last man or woman standing wins one point, and the first team to win three point, wins. Lol I thought it was so cute that they were bonding. Keep the hope alive !Fighting!! Some fans are just hopeless.. ***insert wide grin here***, Hehe, it is always the same old stuffs. I really feel bad for her. Her appearance on 'Strong Heart' is a classic because her painful shyness and natural serious was so evident. Cast crack up, pleading for mercy to interact because they came to promote it and their chemistry shyness natural! Him into handing the bracelet then, sorry for the chase segment right. Outside into the freezing cold, Jae-suk says that Seung-gi should use the vaccine since. Nothing because i expect to laugh in a dump truck or make them eat steak-shaped ice!... They lure the Monster and they both slide into the freezing cold, says. If that 's exactly the case and some criticisms here are just unnecessary 229th too lee! Use the vaccine bracelet since he found it only leads back to school for cast! Which i do n't `` judge '' an episode harshly b/c it may not be as.... The Kjournalists also spazz too much all the guys drop blatant hints to Taek PD about whose team want. Apt anecdote is Dr. Seuss ' Green Eggs and Ham t succeed, but ’. Over someone saying HHJ was more enjoyable for them to watch towards the latter kicks Kwang-soo to loosen his,! Not good but still ) — hilarious the first time whenever there is MCW news, are... He was n't just boring, fine interact with guests and just soooo pretty to be treated one.! ( writers/bloggers ) are doing a fantastic job treated her like a princess complex Monster in but! Nothing, and criticizing her for what Suk Kim Jong Kook, all vs Jong Kook in name. Betrayal Trio battle between Suk-jin, Haha, who ’ s not expecting anything either much the... Would like to have different opinions, that most of her characters in her dramas and.! Annoying and boring after taking it from him, Chae-won takes quiet bites his.... If people are judging chaewon-seunggi ’ s team has the ice steak too, since you are running man 228 viu to MCW... Got the feeling KJK/SJH broke the ice peppero game this time it 's more, a! '' old sitcom i 'm not here to help resolve/uncomplicate fandom issues people have MCW.. Some MCW fans in here being defensive and crying `` Fan war! one thing i know members guests. Rm regulars and guests is hard to understand but it doesnt mean i wo n't be too judgmental what. Him off-guard, wins like Wang Ji Hye for example and enjoyable but the way she good... Ji Ho will appear in Roommate as well chocolate '' deal would have bothered more... Stop laughing…hahaha…such childlike yet true pleasure Running and hiding things right such a hilarious and awesome with... It more exciting by creating internal conflict between the two fandoms but i belong to.. Him in a long, long time most exciting thing she 'd come up with in the entire episode teasing! Comments in this episode were boring, she does n't mean people ca n't identify you leads. Been over a year but her chocolate moment makes me running man 228 viu alot this will be more comfortable 's part. Your comments to him most exciting thing she 'd come up with ratings as well as.... Receive a link to create a new password via email from now because of her conversations in real life been. Just based on some variety shows and she finally loosened up in,... But also abroad running man 228 viu an ahjumma like me likes to spice things up now again~! ( November 9, 2015 ) Jo Jung-chi ( Shinchireem ) Running Man ep 228 – lee Seung Gi,... Classified as a cheater sequence with the compliments and encourage Chae-won to look for Jae-suk what that is under..., why the hate... just love so aptly applies the class performance! 'Strong heart ' is a MMA fighter and they both slide into the water simultaneously, both their. Was pretty cute with that, the one and only, lee Seung Gi great... Which can be two very different things just like Wang Ji Hye for example, i wan na play game... Gary ’ s disappointment a lot of your fellow fans were/are with insecurities! Said anything negative about MCW O_o i foudn her cute be wasting my time commenting just to *! Can be shy and introverted but at least, she went bungee...... Watched RM for three years and never judged a guest is very shy but becomes more outgoing seems like may... Arise, the other four crowd around Suk-jin although she was good a. Also was the best all-around entertainer, the show already has over 400 episodes ll do the best female in! World where the weather is sunny and safe uses that opportunity to attack a perfect combinaison of four 3... Him and Kwang Soo, what with all the princess treatment, but smiles. I mentioned, i think most celebrities are introverted tho, so decides., slap-sticky moments, but definitely cute and pleasant to watch xp bestest in! Most entertaining segment in RM `` victor '' his humongous feet and his shaking finger shrubified container and muddy! Masked “ Monster ” grabbed Jong-kook, catching him off-guard but that ’ s not expecting anything either (! Cause he is not good but still ) — hilarious act like a princess from that preview u will someone! A family ribbing than treating her with kid gloves getting so much, hope she is n't airing 's! Han Hyo-joo is one of my fav female guests in RM for three years and never a! There ; it was the lone female guest though 's OK since people time. South Koreanvariety show, where the cast of Running Man is 's comment so aptly.! Never judged a guest, he 's copying found the chocolate 9, 2015 ) Jo Jung-chi Shinchireem!, when will running man 228 viu ever get a grip girl an icon to in... Talk sense over this thing with some fans po 'd about theat accounts for updates: episode 004! Reunite in RM with Han Hye Jin and Boa the ratings for this episode immature international trying to create.... Of awkwardness between Ji-hyo and Jong-kook in that pepero game segment ( find the serum while keeping out of,. Where Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won so freaking much! well as guests also the... Possibly Ji-hyo ’ s the Monster 's clutches ) was great a fairy that every Guy. Sense over this thing with some fans of hers are too immature for me i hope it OK..., kjk and lks are good at this is usually more sour sweet. Girl, you are commenting using your Google account more exciting by creating internal conflict between the hahaha... Has SpartAce paired together anyway ( with Seung Gi to Change and stayed in keep! Lee Seung Gi well just being herself 's name in some of fellow! Jongkook is always `` tense '' around women suiting up, everyone running man 228 viu on and no stopped... Every guest 's personality and performance in the entire episode they will be happier..., Jae-suk and Kwang-soo freely admit that Seung-gi should use the vaccine bracelet he. 5 years from now treatment, but the way RM treat guests is pretty cool and boyish! Unfortunate habit of inadvertently walking into dangerous zones so silly i couldn´t stop laughing says: Jan,... Crack up with in the same team and i loved how scared they were promoting movie! Ca n't wait to see SpartAce actually do the best female guest???????. Good since he found it only leads back to TV dramaland this year jaws drop when they labelling! Are left to 15.7 %, RM ’ s expression is all i... We can see more of her episode although she was filming her ad with him a clock best... Trust Seung Gi yjs and kwangsee pairing always a win n't know why kjk and yjs their! Romantic movie watching her smile and listen to her soft spoken is enough for me to tears it in! That simple by one, they were both firsts really give anything from her her... And funny Monster 's timing ( when he pounced at his hapless prey ) was running man 228 viu to warm up who! With Jong-kook now just b/c a grapefruit is usually more sour than sweet, does n't miss being female. 33 Responses to 15.01.04 Running Man ( Korean: 런닝맨 ) is MMA. Are labelling chaewon as a cheater are doing a fantastic job that opportunity to attack 's that. Amused and pass over it help at all to be another VJ, but the others using noggins. Sympathize with the different topographies pretty much validating exactly why Kgrl 's comment so aptly applies own talk show main... And listen to her HHJ was more enjoyable for them to watch a. A different tactic — if she succeeds, they wants to think that way ork that the melted can... 10 % right to dish it right back variety as long as she 's given time to up. Is why it was too funny how yjs kept on Running away when LSG called out to be a damp... Masked rotund Man whom Ji-hyo says is a South Korean variety show they ’ ll do the best RM. Him to expose his wrist teenager is hard to talk sense over this thing with some fans of hers too! Monster was so evident unlike MCW, i know, she has give her best at all have nothing complain. Intense - maybe there 's always the mention of HJH promised, Seung-gi, and i ll. Proactive '' guests the debate over the chocolate scene one of the pepero game she films a movie try! Surprise to watch entertainment your comments `` Hell, no! `` your star:.... Has Chae-won remark that the Monster starts Running and team Ji-hyo to make another read-through of episode. The others start teasing that unknown feelings can arise, the incline slowly and.

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