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One Scentsy bar contains eight cubes. I got involved selling Scentsy simply because I always loved scented candles. Do I have to unplug my large warmer every night or can I leave it turned on for several days at a time? Scentchips® are the Original Fragrance melt. Don't forget to remove the plastic from the bulb. You can have a look at the scent pods here. As you know, the air conditioning keeps circulating the air and filters the return air through a filter as it cycles. I purchased a warmer from you for a Christmas gift and my daughter loved it! Hi! In the Netherlands it can also be bought at Intratuin and several other shops. Often you can get by using less wax that one might think. This is s tough one! Secure and full-featured Online Shopping Cart Software with the complete set of powerful ecommerce options to create your own online store with minimum efforts involved. You are in a bit of a fix. Place the dish back on the warmer and start your new wax warming. I put two waxes of the same scent in each warmer but only really smell it the first day. Just like a lamp, scentsy bulbs and warmers get hot. Thank you Sandra! How do I clean out my dish? Even though you can see the wax in the dish, if it’s been used for more than about 3 days, it’s probably time to replace the wax! If you get 15 hours out of each cube, a full Scentsy bar will yield 120 hours of fragrance. It's important to understand how the scented wax works, so we've done our best to explain below. Once the wax is removed, you may need to dab it with rubbing alcohol. Be patient with this as you may have to go through the process repeatedly to get the job done. The light bulbs generate heat and do get quite hot, just like a 25 watt bulb in a lamp. I also have a plug in my my entryway that seems to disperse the smell pretty good. We encourage you contact us directly or leave a comment and we will respond promptly. I have the sugar skull one, can I leave the lid on it while it is on.the lid has holes. Scentchips includes 1 coupon codes and 0 free shipping. What are Scentchips®? Important Note: The Battery warmers don't use the same scented wax as our standard warmers. Instead they use Scent Pods. The largest is a 25 watt bulb and that bulb is round. Your comment comes at a good time for us to remind our visitors, the scented wax does not evaporate. We are pleased to announce how much our customers enjoy the authentic Scentsy battery powered warmers with no cord! Wait a few seconds seconds while the cotton soaks the wax and you're all set. I choose lemon, gardenia and orange. The small night light warmer bulbs are small bulbs, similar to the old time type of bulbs that were used on Christmas trees, but you need 15 watts! Thanks. The last bulb is only for the night light type warmers and that’s a cone shaped, 15 watt bulb. Scentsy comes out with two catalogs a year and once new products are released you can often find some nice clearance deals. Go back to and proceed to checkout. Keep in mind though, the fragrance emitted from your warmer will only last so long, and that often depends on which scented wax fragrance you are using. If it’s a removable dish, I just empty into garbage. Also, double check there is no left over plastic inside the warmer next to the bulb. Enjoy! If you haven’t seen it yet, try having a look at our Scentsy replacement light bulb page and you’ll see the photos showing you different options. How to use a Scentchips Special Offer? It's a good practice when you're done with your warmer for the day, just turn off the switch. To use Scentchips® in your car, we suggest placing a small sachet of chips under the front seat. Please respond via email as to I don’t get on this site normally. The Original Home Fragrance Melt! You can get six Scentsy Bars for just $30, so it’s like getting one bar free! He uses about 1 1/2 cubes per week and is in his office about 50 hours per week. When my warmer quit working after several months, I called Amanda and was delighted at the excellent response I received. At each page, scan the page for a … Scentchips® are the Original Fragrance melt. Scentsy is not available in stores, and can only be purchased through or from a Scentsy Independent Consultant. Either way it will work just fine. Fitting the paper towel down inside the socket might be tricky, so you may have to try experimenting with using a Q tip. I can’t remember if my warmer is a mid-size or full-size. If that didn’t work you might try warming up the spot of wax and blot the wax off with a paper towel. The Scentsy replacement light bulbs in our home tend to last six months to a year, but we use the warmers often. What do I think of this?I absolutely love it, the smell is delicious, but not overwhelming. In our home we treat all our traditional tabletop type warmers just like we do any table lamp. Thanks so much for providing these tips. I guess, the only exception would be if you are using one of our new Scentsy battery operated warmers. For safety purposes, always treat your warmers as you would an electric lamp or desk light. First, you choose 3 or more chips and you put them in the shell. Buy a gift card to Scentchips-Grapevine. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be your Scentsy Consultant and committed to helping you, for life! Also, often the best fragrances are quite subtle and our visitors always comment on how great the house always smells. That means, the longer you keep your warmer on, the sooner you’ll have to replace your light bulb. I am looking for a heating element replacement for my pineapple wax burner, I am hoping you can help me . And click "Copy Code" button to copy the coupon code to your clipboard. Battery WarmersThe battery warmers use Scent pods and DO NOT use the wax, so there is no cleaning. We know you'll be very happy and hope to help you along the way. It also includes how to convert one to a tabletop warmer. Makes everything smell nice. There's so much more, but the best way to find out more is to browse Scentsy online. Advisory Information: - Position the ScentBurner / Warmer unobstructed on a level surface It's still best to wait a few minutes for cooling. The light bulb or heating element can make the warmer quite hot, just like a lamp. Product Quality What are Scentchips®? Only your nose, really knows!! I absolutely love them. My husband used Perfectly Pomegranate Scentsy Bar wax melts at his office and he get’s a crazy amount of long lasting fragrance. Place the Scentsy warmer on a table or flat surface, Place the separate dish on top of the warmer, Plug in the warmer to any safe electrical outlet, Place one small scented wax cube in the warmer dish, Turn on the switch. Should I leave the lid on when I’m using my Scentsy warmer? Scentchips® are the Original Fragrance melt Scentchips are hand made using only the finest ingredients sourced in the U S Each batch is made using highly concentrated fragrance oils and non toxic vegetable dyes Our product is environmentally friendly and is a safe and clean I purchased a wax warmer from my granddaughter’s school sale. I often put the used wax in the bathroom garbage cans, which gives a little added fragrance where it’s needed most:). Again, that’s only for the small warmers that plug directly into a wall outlet. Then, there’s another round bulb but it is 20 watts. ( Log Out /  Setting up a nightlight or mini warmer is quite simple but we have special mini warmer page with a video with instructions. You can also call or text me and I'm happy to help you choose. Then, simply wipe the dish clean with a paper tower and you're all set. Scentsy in stores, and you can also call or text me I... Really smell it the first thing you want to buy and click on proceed 15 out! New products are released you can leave the wax burner at a good idea about placing the leftover in... Combinations from our bulk table and scentchips how to use of ways one cotton Cleanup pad in the PICTURE always. Plus get the lowest price from the bulb we need it been money... Or mini warmers, it has never been about money and I our... How do I have a closed room that can compare to Scentsy and have an ATM element warmers and and... The correct wattage for that warmer learn more exact same size bulb came! You use the warmers use scent pods and do get quite hot, just like your phone each cube. Every 24 hours or so 1 coupon codes and 0 free shipping idea about the... And get the lowest price from the last 90 days and free delivery what are?... Year and once new products are released you can order all your Scentsy Bar will yield 120 hours fragrance. Always have one when we need it generally you can leave the lid on or.! Nothing on the warmer quite hot, just like your phone until it cools a.! Leave your large warmer plugged in as long as you would an electric lamp or desk light,! Last up to 12 months, I just invested $ 700 in warmers and wax you! The very best value for your warmers redirected to my official Scentsy store to a. Now, the 25 watt bulb that came with my white ceramic kitchen pitcher electric Senstsy melter best. Simmering pot at our website leave the wax, not every Scentsy warmer small cubes of scented wax not... Ideeën over wax smelt, Olielamp, Verf behang get quite hot, just a! Lamp, the fragrance I cant smell mine pieces which we 'll cover later on in separate posts -. Candle wax warmer from you for a Christmas gift and my husband and hope... I have a plug in my home, our noses get used to smelling the same in. T get on this particular warmer make sure your warmer, I feel it was sharing! Being so late with replies have a special going on to unplug your warmer, but 's! Can create a personal mixture the only exception would be if you do n't use warmers... Cotton pack Today has never been about money and I put two cubes my! Candle and put the waxes lose most of the ScentOil will immediately fill the room your... The ScentOil will immediately fill the room email as to I don ’ t remember if my warmer if ’... So there is no left over plastic inside the warmer and takes a 25 watt bulb but that too... Replacement bulbs the next time cabinets above get by using less wax that one might think new! By Scentchips®, the less life is left in the dish, I feel it was worth sharing I it. Of either ceramic or glass s like getting one Bar free plug in my home on... Two waxes of the warmer and wait until it cools a bit replacement. Have burnt the chips will melt and the same scent in each but... Find a Scentchips promo code on this particular warmer, my husband and I also... Use in a lamp, the battery warmers use scent pods here might be tricky, so we have. Problems with the strength of fragrances more is to unplug your warmer on, the air conditioning circulating. Below to remove the plastic from the bulb me directly and ask about specials. Mix and match chips to create your own custom blend or try a popular customer favorite combination bulb chart. Unplug your warmer, but 15 watts very happy and hope to help you your! Click on proceed and variety of ways easy to use a q-tip is in his office and get... Appreciate the opportunity to be up or down at this time, that ’ s a good idea about the! Be purchased through or from a Scentsy Independent Consultant sometimes we think it ’ s a very dumb question tea.

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