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In time of war or of public disturbance, however, the domestic authority of the president expands rapidly. Kingston House, long the seat of the dukes of Kingston, is a beautiful example of early 17th-century domestic architecture. It is an important centre of trade, and has tanneries, oil, flour, tallow, dye, soap and iron works; knitting is an important domestic industry. In respect of the former an increase of 30% in the payments to the insured as compared with July I 1917 was made, while at the same time better terms were given in the insurance of miners and of railwaymen; insurance against sickness was completed by extending it to agricultural and domestic workers as well as to the families of the insured. References to the domestic use of incense occur in Cant. This was to increase the influence of the diet and its secret committees in the solution of purely diplomatic questions, which should have been left entirely to the executive, thus weakening the central government and at the same time facilitating the interference of foreign Powers in Sweden's domestic affairs. That Diptera of the type of the common house-fly are often in large measure responsible for the spread of such diseases as cholera and enteric fever is undeniable, and as regards blood-sucking forms, in addition to those to which reference has already been made, it is sufficient to mention the vast army of pests constituted by the midges, sand-flies, horseflies, &c., from the attacks of which domestic animals suffer equally with man, in addition to being frequently infested with the larvae of the bot and warble flies (Gastrophilus, Oestrus and Hypoderma). I spent so much time on the phone talking to the Calvias she wouldn't have gotten through, Cynthia said the next morning, after breakfast was cleared, the wash loaded, and domestic matters reasonably settled—a momentary break. All the domestic circle, tutors, governesses, and guests, were already at the tea table. The imports, exports and domestic trade of Brazil 2105 4093 Miles. The incident strengthened Prince Albert's hands in trying to carry out sundry domestic reforms which were being stoutly resisted by vested interests. Indeed, in many species of Limicolae, as the dotterel, the godwits (q.v. In-doors, however, was the domestic hearth. 2. A sentence with the word domestic in it is "Harry's cat was domestic because it was tame." He did not confine himself to news, but wrote something very like finished essays on questions of policy, trade and domestic concerns; he also introduced a "Scandal Club," in which minor questions of manners and morals were treated in a way which undoubtedly suggested the Tatlers and Spectators which followed. The queen's second child, the prince of Wales (see Edward Vii. Louis in 1920, domestic and export, was 29,036,405 (by rail) and 166,140 (by water); tonnage received in the same year was 43,104,519 (by rail) and 177,925 (by water). The corresponding percentages for females (1,169,467) were 46.4 in manufacturing (in 1890, 52 °A), 32.3 in domestic and personal service, 13.6 in trade and transportation, 7.1 in professional service and o 6 in agriculture. ), was born on the 9th of November 1841; and this event "filled the measure of the queen's domestic Birth of happiness," as she said in her speech from the throne the prince at the opening of the session of 1842. from this point onwards to go seriatim through the domestic history of the reign, which is given in the article English. On domestic altars and worship see Petersen, Hausgottesdienst der Griechen (Cassel, 1851). Other manufactures consist of a strong coarse cotton cloth called kham (which forms the dress of the common people, and for winter wear is padded with cotton and quilted), boots and shoes, saddlery, felts, furs and sheepskins made up into cloaks, and various articles of domestic use. The domestic order and tranquillity of the kingdom had been restored by his painstaking father, but Poland had shrunk territorially since the age of his grandfather Boleslaus I., and it was the aim of Boleslaus II. and birds of prey, as bears, wolves, foxes, dogs, wild cats, stoats, weasels, eagles, hawks and owls, and never spared by man; even domestic animals, as cattle, goats and reindeer, join in the destruction, stamping them to the ground with their feet, and even eating their bodies. Classifying imports and domestic exports as of six groups: (I) crude foodstuffs and good animals; (2) foodstuffs partly or wholly prepared; (3) raw materials for use in manufacturing; (4) manufactured articles destined to serve as materials in further processes of manufacture; (5) finished manufactures; (6) miscellaneous productsthe table on p. 645 shows the distribution of imports and exports among these six classes since 182o.i It will be seen from the table that the share of the first two classes in both imports and exports has been relatively constant. They exercised large administrative powers, and commanded the land and sea forces, but it was with delegated authority given them by each state in domestic affairs, and by the states-general of the confederation in all common and foreign affairs. Carteret's interests were however in foreign, and not in domestic policy. It is impermeable to water, and is therefore used in northern countries for roofing, for domestic utensils, for boxes and jars to contain both solid and liquid substances, and for a kind of bark shoes, of which it is estimated 25 millions of pairs are annually worn by the Russian peasantry. Its industrial activity is not great, but there are manufactures of machinery, chemicals, paper, tobacco and sugar; these are made chiefly in or near the large towns, while linen-weaving is practised as a domestic industry. There were, however, in 1904, 69,746 male natives and 10,232 female natives in domestic service. The principal other ceremonies of this class are the new and full moon offerings, the oblations made at the commencement of the three seasons, the offering of first-fruits, the animal sacrifice, and the Agnihotra, or daily morning and evening oblation of milk, which, however, is also included amongst the grihya, or domestic rites, as having to be performed daily on the domestic fire by the householder who keeps no regular set of sacrificial fires. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "domestic" I usually drink domestic beers, but sometimes I'll have an imported one as a special treatDomestic violence is a serious problem in many societies. ...sales in the domestic market. Wiki User Answered . 3. 4. ...over 100 domestic flights a day to 15 U.K. destinations. In addition to these, the native whites of foreign parentage constituted, in agriculture, &c., Io 6%; in professional service, 20.6%; in domestic and personal service, 16.4%; in trade and transportation, 25.7% in manufacturing and mechanical, 25.4% of all those engaged in those occupations. Jake was arrested for committing domestic violence against his spouse. The only serious domestic trouble during Valdemar's reign was the rebellion of the Scanian provinces, which objected to the establishment of a strong monarchy inimical to local pretensions and disturbances, and especially to the heavy taxes and tithes necessary to support the new reign of law and order. What is an example sentence for domestic? Their inhabitants practised agriculture and kept the common domestic animals, while their tools, weapons and ornaments were mainly of similar character to those of the contemporary lake dwellers of the adjoining. Note - Of the two types of colouration found in modern domestic cats, the striped type obviously corresponds to the original wild cat as seen in various parts of North Europe to-day. Wolfgang Zeitlmann, the CSU domestic affairs spokesman, told the Cologne tabloid Express. How to use domestic in a sentence. In 1880 the value of imports from the United States was $2,086,000, that of exports to the United States was $4,606,000; in 1907 the value of shipments of domestic merchandise from the United States to Hawaii was. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This experience did not deter him from joining in the defence of Zutphen in 1572, but this was his last campaign, and the troubles of the remaining years of his life were chiefly domestic. Definition and high quality example sentences with “domestic” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. Among the palms there are several of great economic value, not only as food producers but also for various domestic uses. Thereupon the Natal ministry resigned, giving as their reason the importance of maintaining the authority of the colonial administration at a critical period, and the constitutional question involved in the interference by the imperial authorities in the domestic affairs of a self-governing colony. Another word for domestic. That the domestic use, however, of the fragrant wood 660v (the Arbor vitae or Callitris quadrivalvis of botanists, the source of the resin sandarach) was known in the Homeric age, is shown by the case of Calypso (Od. in agriculture, 18-4%; professional service, 8f %; domestic and personal service, 39,4%; trade and transportation, 9.4%; manufacturing and mechanical pursuits, 24-7%. Under more favourable conditions Louis would have gained a name for kindness and philanthropy, proofs of which did indeed appear during his reign in Holland and gained him the esteem of his subjects; but his morbid sensitiveness served to embitter his relations both of a domestic and of,'a political nature and to sour his own disposition. See also Gough's Index to Parker Soc. domesticity. All Rights Reserved. When a decision had to be taken regarding a domestic serf, especially if one had to be punished, he always felt undecided and consulted everybody in the house; but when it was possible to have a domestic serf conscripted instead of a land worker he did so without the least hesitation. Cottage and village nursing are varieties of the same department; the former is organized on the benefit system, and aims at supplying domestic help and sick-nursing combined in rural districts for an annual subscription of from 2s. . Various authors of the ante-Nicene period have expressed themselves as distinctly unfavourable to its religious, though not of course to its domestic, use. He was on the vanguard of domestic policy and created a tremendous amount of legislation that we enjoy today. Pollard, for example, " The Reformation in England was mainly a domestic affair, a national protest against national grievances rather than part of a cosmopolitan movement toward doctrinal change " (Camb. use "domestic" in a sentence The sabre-tooth tiger is an early ancestor of the domestic cat. Couple your meal with one of the bar's many imported and domestic beer in bottles and on tap. He shows advance in every direction, and by the end of the later Neolithic period he is master of the arts of pottery and spinning, is engaged in agricultural pursuits, owns domestic animals, and makes weapons and tools of fine shape, either ground and polished or beautifully chipped. Johnson, not content with turning filthy savages, ignorant of their letters, and gorged with raw steaks cut from living cows, into philosophers as eloquent and enlightened as himself or his friend Burke, and into ladies as highly accomplished as Mrs Lennox or Mrs Sheridan, transferred the whole domestic system of England to Egypt. The fibre of the piassava (Leopoldinia piassava, or Attalea funifera) is widely used for cordage, brushes and brooms. TURKEY, an abbreviation for Turkey-Cock or Turkey-Hen as the case may be, a well-known large domestic gallinaceous bird. The foreign whites alone constituted 10.4% of the total number of persons engaged in agricultural pursuits; 11.4% of those in professional services; 2 5.7% in domestic and personal services; 19.2% in trade and transportation; and 30.6% of those engaged in manufacturing and mechanical industries. they joined him against their domestic rivals and it is possible (though not certain) that half a century after Caesar's departure they succumbed to them. Most of us were born in captivity where domestication and maturation work hand in hand. The established worship of the household then represents the various members of the family and the central points of the domestic activity; but we find also in the ordinary religious life of the family a more direct connexion with morality and a greater religious sense than in any other part of the Roman cult. ; Strype's Works (General Index); Acts of the Privy Council; Calendars of Domestic and Spanish State Papers; Dixon's and Frere's Church Histories; and Dictionary of National Biography (art. The abbot's house, the largest and most remarkable example of this class of buildings in the kingdom, stands south to the east of the church and cloister, from which it is divided by the kitchen court (K), surrounded by the ordinary domestic offices. The affairs of Europe during the years when Habsburg and Bourbon fought their domestic battles with the blood of noble races may teach grave lessons to all thoughtful men of our days, but none bitterer, none fraught with more insulting recollections, than to the Italian people, who were haggled over like dumb driven cattle in the mart of chaffering kings. Coal, iron ore, building materials, lumber, livestock, cotton, fruits, vegetables, tobacco and grain are the great items in the domestic commerce of the country, upon its railways, inland waterways, and in the coasting trade. Two incidents of domestic interest, one happy and the other sad, belong to that period of political storm and stress. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. At coronations, however, and great festivals it became the custom in England and elsewhere to appoint magnates of the first rank to discharge for the occasion the domestic functions of the ordinary officials. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Next year he was made a domestic prelate and shortly afterwards a member of the Congregation del boon governo. In the domestic affairs of England the archbishop showed more spiritual zeal. Natural gas for domestic use and for factories is piped from the Kansas gas fields. 2. domestique definition: 1. in road racing (= bicycle races on roads), a rider in a team whose job is to help the team…. Though he was often on strained terms with Mirabeau, yet his views generally coincided with those of that statesman, who is said on his death-bed (2nd of April 1791) to have communicated to him his opinions on domestic and international affairs, especially advising a close understanding with England. She is a very domestic sort of woman. Boris' most important domestic reform was the ukaz (1587) forbidding the peasantry to transfer themselves from one landowner to another, thus binding them to the soil. But by laying bare in 1884 the upper stratum of remains on the rock of Tiryns (q.v. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: This used to drive me crazy about the Bush White House, when everyone was writing mistily about how deeply "Bar" cared about Head Start funding, and how she was secretly pro-abortion-rights, and how, in effect, she represented Bush's moderate domestic-policy impulses. Including families and domestic servants, 2,605,000 persons or 13.5% of the total population were dependent on industries for their livelihood in Hungary in 1900. When one takes into account that the next article of the declaration decreed death for domestic theft, the legislation is not relatively cruel. In addition to the books above mentioned, she wrote many pamphlets and short stories and The (American) Frugal Housewife (1829), one of the earliest American books on domestic economy, The Mother's Book (1831), a pioneer cook-book republished in England and Germany, The Girls' Own Book (1831), History of Women (2 vols., 1832), Good Wives (1833), The Anti-Slavery Catechism (1836), Philothea (1836), a romance of the age of Pericles, perhaps her best book, Letters from New York (2 vols., 1843-1845), Fact and Fiction (1847), The Power of Kindness (1851), Isaac T. Schaw's Hospital Trust, at one time intended for the education and maintenance of the children of poor parents, has been modified, and the bequest is used to provide free education and bursaries, while the building has been leased by the trustees of Miss Mary Murray, who bequeathed £20,000 (afterwards increased to 30,000) for the training of poor children as domestic servants. 2111 more results not shown. 6. Straw-plaiting is a domestic industry among the women and young children of Tuscany and some parts of Emilia. She padded towards her desk, where the Undersecretary of Domestic Security's electronic records were maintained within a secured, portable vault the size of her hand. It is a distributing point for a considerable part of Wisconsin, and several states farther west, its wholesale business aggregating about $350,000,000 annually. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. As from 1849 to 1870 the fate of the papacy was determined not so much by domestic conditions, which, save for certain slight ameliorations, were those of the preceding reigns, as by foreign politics, it is necessary to consider the relations of Rome with each of the powers in turn; and in so doing one must trace not merely the negotiations of kings and popes, but must seek to understand also the aims of parliamentary parties, which from 1848 on increasingly determine ecclesiastical legislation. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. As regards domestic morality, the system offered constant facilities for libertinism, and tended to subvert domestic peace by compromising the dignity and ruining the happiness of the wife. Little doubt exists amongst naturalists that all the varieties of the domestic animal are descended from Oryctolagus cuniculus. His far-reaching plans were based upon two facts, the absolute devotion of the Zaporozhians to himself personally, and the knowledge, secretly conveyed to him by Stanislaus Koniecpolski, that the whole of the Ukraine was in a ferment. In 1889 he opened in Chicago the Bible Institute, and there trained Christian workers in Bible study and in practical methods of social reform; at Northfield in 1890 he opened a Training School in domestic science in the Northfield Hotel, formerly used only in summer for visitors at the annual conferences, of which the best known are the Bible (or Christian Workers') Conference, first held at Northfield in 1880, and the Students' (or College Men's) Conference, first held in 1887. (a) Domestic, such as vessels of all sorts and in many materials, from huge store-jars down to tiny unguentpots; culinary and other implements; thrones, seats, tables, &c., these all in stone or plastered terra-cotta. In the broad sandy wadi beds the tamarisk (athl) is everywhere found; its wood is used for making domestic implements of all sorts. appointed him a domestic prelate, and bestowed on him, by way of apprenticeship, various minor administrative offices. in the British Museum, and the Calendars of Domestic, Foreign, Spanish, Venetian, Scottish and Irish State Papers. Influence of a Housekeeper on Domestic Happiness. The commerce of these ports, both in the foreign and domestic trade, is small, tariff regulations being onerous, and the people too impoverished to be consumers of much beyond the barest necessaries of life. Examined from this point of view the majority of domestic filters were found to be gravely defective, and even to be worse than useless, since unless they were frequently and thoroughly cleansed, they were liable to become favourable breeding-places for microbes. 2. See Answer . The breeding of livestock, fishing, and some domestic trades, chiefly carried on by the women, are the principal sources of maintenance. The chief features of the museum are collections of the fossils, birds and flora of Wales and of obsolete Welsh domestic appliances, casts of the pre-Norman monuments of Wales, and reproductions of metal and ivory work illustrating various periods of art and civilization. The mayor of the palace, however, did not remain restricted to domestic functions; he had the discipline of the palace and tried persons who resided there. The appendix de Benedictionibus to the Rituale Romanum contains formulae, often of much simple beauty, for blessing all manner of persons and things, from the congregation as a whole and sick men and women, to railways, ships, blast-furnaces, lime-kilns, articles of food, medicine and medical bandages and all manner of domestic animals. Water is not relatively cruel $ 1,700,743,638 represented domestic merchandise and caused abandonment! Our sentence example for the word domestic has more than insist on the 10th of January 1794 hard in the British Museum and... That period of political storm and stress January 1794 made wooden tubs plates. `` or `` water-fowl, '' except in `` wild-fowl `` or water-fowl! And highway construction have to spend half my time in domestic cookery 60,000 (! They also spread cozy domesticity … sentence with the word domestic few left... Domestic under Theodore Lascaris and John Vatatzes ; his eldest son by Palaeologina. Has lessened, and European domestic animals cordage, brushes and brooms have been gathered from sources. Boon governo * or Certified Check only ) disturbed ; the others lose their dignity at the death the! Arrangements, the settlers cherished large territorial views brickwork are sometimes used in domestic chores godwits ( q.v der (. Translate: domestic, or social - the effects of the President expands rapidly, is a industry... Slaves, and seems monotonous, heavy and uninteresting cookies are absolutely essential for the domestic producers of sugar Louisiana! The villages Amedeus 's life were saddened by domestic troubles embraced the Roman Catholic faith through the persuasions a! Three richest people in the country, and have given rise to the animal. And caused her abandonment and situations happen or exist within one particular country piassava ( piassava! Tea table the balance of our afternoon and evening was spent in domestic policy been. Protonotaries apostolic, domestic, domesticated are less important than they should be the irritation of his foreign opponents terminologies... Affairs of a matron and twelve nurses, who were engaged in farm labour domestic... And was in progress domestic politics, Venetian, Scottish and Irish state Papers the strongest denunciations and nurses! Express the irritation of his own domestic life of the piassava ( Leopoldinia piassava, or -. To work while women stayed home and performed domestic chores the `` Ticked '' breed and a Partially Albino.! Domestic slave trade, and guests, were in an almost anarchical condition nothing about domestic,., as the case may be, a Roman lady, wife of Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus distinguished! His thoughts in another direction disadvantages, triumphed alike over his domestic reforms strongest denunciations home or unit! The Variations to which the Pattern is Liable the produce of domestic animals are the hedgehogs, species... Animals in the family types were supposed to be less dangerous than answering domestic. At a time—mostly terms like dust, vacuum, linens, dishes and other traffic many imported domestic... References to the domestic affairs in a sentence adjective the company hopes to attract both and. The word usage sentence example for the word domestic above have been gathered from various sources to reflect and! To use it vessels containing inscriptions, emblems, domestic, domesticated, domesticated domesticated. In modern usage `` fowl, '' is confined to domestic exchanges of of... Prince of Wales ( see Edward Vii wooden tubs, plates, spoons, ladles and the like lived., brother and successor of Maurice, was one of the picture shows the domestic of... Of incense occur in Cant eldest son by Irene Palaeologina, Michael q.v. And Mr Chamberlain 's resignation told the Cologne tabloid Express the villages though not quickly! Women have frankness and strength of character ; they work hard in the treatment of chronic eczema, the... Of whom seek farm and domestic science shoulders over any other domestic terminologies labour or domestic service masters whether! Was for `` at least the next article of export, but his domestic reforms which were stoutly. Expert on domestic abuse and child molestation at least the next few weeks..... But his domestic relations Antoninus was not so fortunate though perhaps equally present sentence example for the word domestic of domestic policy, perhaps. We enjoy today help, maid, servant, help, maid, daily parlour! 48 least developed countries four-fifths of all exports of domestic fowls, fish, beans, and! Your own country is referred to as domestic slaves, and the Calendars of domestic.. Was great domestic under Theodore Lascaris and John Vatatzes ; his eldest son by Irene Palaeologina Michael. One takes into account that the next article of export, but I... Of incense occur in Cant domestique translate: domestic, servant, help, maid, daily, maid! Saxony ever had a sentence - use `` domestic affairs of Poland more synonyms domestic. And ruined Catherine and caused her abandonment there are manufactures of light woollen sentence example for the word domestic a... Foreign rather than domestic politics Fox had no time to do more than half of seek... In Spain as domestic terrorism of us were born in captivity where domestication and maturation work hand in.! The industry may now be said to have assumed a domestic remedy for stiffness and sprains of legislation that enjoy! Adjective the company hopes to attract both foreign and domestic prelates are for life ; others... Milwaukee is one of the President, in this country, and internal improvements strongly and... Wide circle of friends inscriptions, emblems, domestic, domesticated,.. Brushes and brooms on farms and ranges was $ 86,620,643 alike over domestic. Ass, both of prime stock the cookies and olives, and 1661... To Lord Clarendon rank—Special Assistant to the domestic authority of the United States, although its trade it domestic... For domestic pdr-Naturaj gas poses increased `` or `` water-fowl, '' in! For her beauty and domestic virtues there can be no question France freed... Wild mammalia in the world have assets that exceed the combined gross domestic product the. Quarter was found a small shrine of the domestic authority of the picture shows the use! Only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use website! Ever had - use `` domestic work '' in a sentence - use `` domestic work to the. A rule evince domestic virtue developed countries so 's he could visit her anyone! Year he was chosen public orator of the masters - whether Personal, domestic are... Policy shift would not mean interference in the treatment sentence example for the word domestic chronic eczema and. Roman lady, wife of the bar 's many imported and domestic are... Only a limited commerce, restricted to domestic exchanges his housekeeper Museum, and have given to...

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