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The following procedures shall govern all disclosure conferences conducted by non-judicial personnel. (iii) Where multiple parties or more than one parcel is involved, each appraisal report need be served only upon the taxing authority and the party or parties contesting the value of the property which is the subject of the report. The hearing officer in a small claims sidewalk assessment review proceeding shall transmit one copy of the decision and order, by ordinary mail, to the petitioner, the Commissioner of Transportation of the City of New York or the commissioner's designee, and the assessment review clerk of the court. (2) At the pretrial conference, the court shall fix a date for the commencement of trial, which shall be no later than eight weeks after the date of the conference. (6) The notice of motion submitted with any motion for or related to interim maintenance or child support shall contain a notation indicating the nature of the motion. (c) Adjournment of Motions. (The County Court General Rules were adopted in July 1985. (3) The papers in each proceeding shall be kept in a separate file, as required by section 18 of the Debtor and Creditor Law. (d) County Clerk and Clerk of Court Not to Accept Hard Copies of Documents for Filing Where Electronic Filing Is Required. The requesting party and the nonparty should meet and confer concerning the scope of the ESI discovery, the timing and form of production, ways to reduce the cost and burden of the ESI discovery (including but not limited to: an agreement providing for the clawing-back of privileged ESI; and the use of advanced analytic software applications and other technologies that can screen for relevant and privileged ESI), and the requesting party’s defrayal of the nonparty’s reasonable production expenses. (b) The proposed order of reference shall be presented in duplicate, and a signed original order shall be delivered to the referee. 202.64 Election Law proceedings (a) Upon any motion for summary judgment, other than a motion made pursuant to CPLR 3213, the court may direct that there shall be annexed to the notice of motion a separate, short and concise statement, in numbered paragraphs, of the material facts as to which the moving party contends there is no genuine issue to be tried. (6) The statement of expenditures shall be full and complete and the vouchers for all payments shall be attached to the account. An auctioneer selected for this purpose must be an attorney, or a licensed real estate broker, or a salesman licensed for at least five years. If the mortgage servicer involved in the case and listed on the RJI is changed at any time following the filing of the RJI, plaintiff shall file with the court and serve on all the parties a notice setting forth the name and contact information of the new or substituted mortgage servicer. The court will notify the requesting party whether the adjournment has been granted. (4) During the voir dire each attorney may state generally the contentions of his or her client, and identify the parties, attorneys and the witnesses likely to be called. No memoranda in response shall be submitted. (8) If counsel objects to anything said or done by any other counsel during the selection process, the objecting counsel shall unobtrusively request that all counsel step outside of the juror's presence, and counsel shall make a determined effort to resolve the problem. Sec. Except to the extent that this section shall otherwise require, the provisions of section 202.5-b of these rules shall govern electronic filing under this section. The word "court" shall mean both circuit and county court unless otherwise indicated. If the deposition requires the use of more than one tape, the end of each tape and the beginning of each succeeding tape shall be announced by the operator. 202.52 Deposit of funds by receivers and assignees (d) At the conclusion of other discovery, and at least 30 days prior to the discovery cut-off date, interrogatories seeking the claims and contentions of the opposing party may be served unless the Court has ordered otherwise. Editor's notes. Such reasonable production expenses may include the following: A. (2) Unless otherwise expressly provided by any provision of the CPLR or other statute, and in addition to the requirements of 22 NYCRR §202.16 (k) where applicable, the following rules and limitations are required for the submission of papers on pendente lite applications for alimony, maintenance, counsel fees, child support, exclusive occupancy, custody and visitation unless said requirements are waived by the judge for good cause shown: (i) Applications that are deemed an emergency must comply with 22 NYCRR§202.7 and provide for notice, where applicable, in accordance with same. By virtue of its specialized subject matter jurisdiction, exceptional judicial expertise, rules and procedures dedicated to commercial practice, and commitment to high standards of attorney professionalism, the Division has established itself at the forefront of worldwide commercial litigation in the twenty-first century. (3) The statement referred to in paragraph (1) of this subdivision, with proof of service upon the other party, shall, with the note of issue, be filed with the court. 202.5-b Electronic Filing in Supreme Court; Consensual Program Office and P.O. (ii) by mail not less than 10 days before the date of settlement. 202.12-a Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Actions . Unless otherwise authorized by the Chief Administrator, the filing of a request for judicial intervention pursuant to this section shall cause the assignment of the action to a judge pursuant to section 202.3 of this Part. Within 10 days after service, the original note of issue, and the certificate of readiness where required, with proof of service where service is required, shall be filed in duplicate with the County Clerk together with payment of the calendar fee prescribed by CPLR 8020 or a copy of an order permitting the party filing the note of issue to proceed as a poor person, and a duplicate original with proof of service shall be filed with the clerk of the trial court. (v) limiting issues and recording stipulations of counsel. ", Alternatively, in the event that parties wish to express their consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of either the Commercial Division or the federal courts in New York State, the parties may include specific language in their contract, such as: "THE PARTIES AGREE TO SUBMIT TO THE EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION OF THE COMMERCIAL DIVISION, NEW YORK STATE SUPREME COURT, OR THE FEDERAL COURTS IN NEW YORK STATE, WHICH SHALL HEAR ANY DISPUTE, CLAIM OR CONTROVERSEY ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH OR RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE VALIDITY, BREACH, ENFORCMENT OR TERMINATION THEREOF. section 202.21(i)(2) of this Part, unless the court permits otherwise pursuant to that (3) In each round, the questioning of the seated prospective jurors shall be conducted first by counsel for the plaintiff, followed by counsel for the remaining parties in the order in which their names appear in the caption. The court may require that direct testimony of a party’s own witness in a non-jury trial or evidentiary hearing shall be submitted in affidavit form, provided, however, that the court may not require the submission of a direct testimony affidavit from a witness who is not under the control of the party offering the testimony. Where a side consists of multiple parties, commencement of the exercise of peremptory challenges in subsequent rounds shall rotate among the parties within the side. Section 202.53 Trust accountings; procedure. 202.26 Pretrial conference Jan. 1, 1996. . (2) The appraisal reports shall contain a statement of the method of appraisal relied on and the conclusions as to value reached by the expert, together with the facts, figures and calculations by which the conclusions were reached. The court shall consider the pro se status of any party in granting relief pursuant to this provision. Not later than four business days after receiving such a letter, any affected opposing party or non-party shall submit a responsive letter not exceeding three single-spaced pages. Documents may be transmitted at any time of the day or night to the NYSCEF site. Quizás usted quiera comunicarse con un abogado. 1. Any attorney affirmation in support or opposition or memorandum of law shall contain only discussion and argument on issues of law except for facts known only to the attorney. . (b) Except as set forth in subdivision (c) of this section, and unless otherwise ordered by the court, the State Division of Human Rights shall have 20 days after service of the notice of petition and petition to file with the court the written transcript of the record of all prior proceedings upon which its order was made. (5) Hearing officers shall serve at the pleasure of the Chief Administrator, and their appointments may be rescinded by the chief administrator at any time. (a) General. This Part shall be applicable to civil actions and proceedings in the Supreme Court and the County Court. (a) Dispositive motions to dismiss or motions for summary judgment; (5) the right to discovery, except to such discovery as the parties might otherwise agree or as follows: (i) There shall be no more than seven (7) interrogatories and five (5) requests to admit; (ii) Absent a showing of good cause, there shall be no more than seven (7) discovery depositions per side with no deposition to exceed seven (7)  hours in length. Historical Note State alleged medical specialty of each individual defendant, if known. The judge may require additional data, or may waive any requirement for submission of documents on suitable alternate proof of damages. The report must contain: (A) a complete statement of all opinions the witness will express and the basis and the reasons for them; (B) the data or other information considered by the witness in forming the opinion(s); (C) any exhibits that will be used to summarize or support the opinion(s); (D) the witness's qualifications, including a list of all publications authored in the previous 10 years; (E) a list of all other cases at which the witness testified as an expert at trial or by deposition during the previous four years; and. and instructions in the Unified Court System Uncontested Divorce Packet as set forth in Opposing counsel who receives a copy of materials submitted in violation of this Rule shall not respond in kind. Historical Note (5) Neither party shall change the beneficiaries of any existing life insurance policies, and each party shall maintain the existing life insurance, automobile insurance, homeowners and renters insurance policies in full force and effect. (g) Exchange and Filing of Appraisal Reports. 202.53 Trust accountings; procedure No later than the close of business on the business day following the electronic filing of a document, a notification, in a form prescribed by the Chief Administrator, shall be transmitted electronically by the NYSCEF site to the person filing such document and the e-mail service addresses of all other participating parties in such action.When documents initiating an action are filed electronically, the County Clerk shall assign an index number or filing number to the action and that number shall be transmitted to the person filing such documents as part of the notification. 202.25 Objections to applications for special preference The timeframes must be complied with unless otherwise shortened or extended by the court depending upon the circumstances of the case. 202.27-a Proof of Default Judgment in Consumer Credit Matters Rule 1.09 COUNTY COURT USE OF CHANCERY COURT RULES In cases which have been assigned by the chancery court to the county court, the county court shall use the Uniform Rules of Chancery Court Practice. F. The expected burden and cost to the nonparty. Actions and proceedings shall be assigned to the judges of the court upon the filing with the court of a request for judicial intervention pursuant to section 202.6 of this Part. A note of issue and certificate of readiness may not be filed in any action where a preliminary conference was requested or was directed by the court until the conference has been held and there has been compliance with any orders or directives of the court or stipulations of counsel made at such conference. A petition in such a special proceeding shall substantially conform to the model petition set forth in Appendix A of this section and shall allege that: (i) the financing statement referred to in paragraph (3)(i) of this subdivision was falsely filed or amended to retaliate for the performance of the petitioner’s official duties in his or her capacity as a public employee (or, if the petitioner is an attorney referred to in paragraph (3)(i)(B) of this subdivision, to retaliate for the performance of the petitioner’s duties in his or her capacity as an attorney for the respondent in a criminal court); and, (ii) such financing statement does not relate to an interest in a consumer-goods transaction, a commercial transaction, or any other actual transaction between the petitioner and the respondent; and, (iii) the collateral covered in the financing statement is the property of the petitioner; and. The court may also use the conference for whatever other purposes the court deems appropriate. The transcript, corrected if necessary on motion or by stipulation of the parties approved by the court, shall have the force and effect of an order of the court. In all actions or proceedings to which this section is applicable referred to the Family Court by the Supreme Court pursuant to section 464 of the Family Court Act, all statements, including supplemental statements, exchanged and filed by the parties pursuant to this section shall be transmitted to the Family Court with the order of referral. (c) The proposed order of reference, and the actual order of reference, shall indicate whether the reference is one to hear and determine or to hear and report. Parties in uncontested matrimonial actions shall use the forms Such means may include technology-assisted review, including predictive coding, in appropriate cases. The certification shall also describe the steps taken to identify the documents so categorized, including but not limited to whether each document was reviewed or some form of sampling was employed, and if the latter, how the sampling was conducted. There shall be no adjournment of a trial except for good cause shown. (j) Electronic Filing of Discovery Materials. Each such cover and first page also shall contain an indication of the county of venue and a brief description of the nature of the paper and, where the case has been assigned to an individual judge, shall contain the name of the assigned judge to the right of the caption. Such a special proceeding shall be commenced in the Supreme Court in: Trials shall commence each court day promptly at such times as the court directs. Within 60 days after the first preliminary conference, the respondent, for the purpose of substantiating petitioner's completed statement of income and expenses, as required by subdivision (c) of this section, may request in writing an audit of the petitioner's books and records for the tax years under review. 202.31 Identification of trial counsel Such direction, application, or stipulation must be served on all parties to the action and filed with proof of service. Rules 34.1 through 34.5 - Unified Appeal. Section 202.10 Appearance at Conferences. (1) the number of depositions taken by plaintiffs, or by defendants, or by third-party defendants, shall be limited to 10; and These forms shall be accepted by the Court for obtaining an uncontested divorce, and no other forms shall be necessary. Sec. The parties are encouraged to confer, at the outset of discovery and as needed throughout the discovery period, about technology-assisted review mechanisms they intend to use in document review and production. A party may arrange to have a stenographic transcription made of the deposition at his or her own expense. (4) Credit agreement means a copy of a contract or other document governing the account provided to the defendant evidencing the defendant’s agreement to the debt, the amount due on the account, the name of the original creditor, the account number, and the name and address of the defendant. 1* RULES REGULATING THE CONDUCT OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE SEVERAL PROVINCIAL AND LOCAL DIVISIONS OF THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA . (i) E-mail address for service. However, the 20-day time limitation to make such motion shall not apply to tax assessment review proceedings. shall post prominently in the public areas of his or her office notice that filing of papers in order to commence an action or special proceeding must be with the county clerk. Attach proof of service of this notice upon all other parties to the action. (2) Generally, a total of eight jurors, including two alternates, shall be selected. The Chief Administrator of the Courts, in consultation with the Presiding Justice of each Appellate Division, shall create a Litigation Coordinating Panel composed of one justice of the Supreme Court from each judicial department of the State. If the parties need to make a record, they will still have the opportunity to submit a formal motion. (iii) Are there less costly or less burdensome alternatives to secure the necessary information without recourse to discovery of ESI; (1)    The Court may require that electronically submitted memoranda of law include hyperlinks to cited court decisions, statutes, rules, regulations, treatises, and other legal authorities in either legal research databases to which the Court has access or in state or federal government websites. Unless the court directs otherwise, any document that requires a judge's signature shall be transmitted electronically and in hard copy to the court. (a) Terms of Court. The e-mail service address recorded at the time of registration is the e-mail address at which service of interlocutory documents on that party may be made through notification transmitted by the NYSCEF site. Failure to comply with Rules 28, 29, 31 and 32 may result in preclusion pursuant to CPLR 3126. A party requesting oral argument shall set forth such request in its notice of motion or in its order to show cause or on the first page of the answering papers, as the case may be. (c) The judge shall consider at the conference with the parties or their counsel the following: (1) simplification and limitation of the issues; (2) obtaining admission of fact and of documents to avoid unnecessary proof; (3) disposition of the action, including scheduling the action for trial; (4) amendment of pleadings or bill of particulars; (5) limitation of number of expert witnesses; and. The clerk shall enter in the register in full every final order according to date; the docket shall contain a brief note of each day's proceedings under the respective title. The Coordinating Justice, sua sponteor upon motion by any party, may terminate coordination, in whole or in part, if the Justice determines that coordination has been completed or that the purposes of this section can be best advanced by termination of the coordination. Historical Note filed April 3, 1989 eff. In the event a filer shall file and serve documents in hard copy pursuant to this paragraph, each such document shall include the notice required by paragraph (1) of subdivision (d) of section 202.5-b, and the filer shall, as required, file those documents with the NYSCEF site within three business days thereafter. Dec. 27, 2000. (ii) Do any of the parties intend to seek or rely upon ESI; GUIDELINES FOR DISCOVERY OF ELECTRONICALLY STORED INFORMATION (“ESI”) FROM NONPARTIES. The movant shall specify in the notice of motion, order to show cause, and in a concluding section of a memorandum of law, the exact relief sought. Rule 30. filed Jan. 9, 1986; amd. (1) Papers in any civil actions or proceedings designated pursuant to this section, including those commencing an action or proceeding, may be filed with the appropriate court clerk by facsimile transmission at a facsimile telephone number provided by the court for that purpose. (5) On the right and opposite the title of the case, the case number and identifi cation of the document being fi led. (c) Judgments submitted to the court shall be accompanied by a complete form UCS 111 (Child Support Summary Form). These emergency applications shall receive a preference by the clerk for processing and the court for signature. Counsel shall separately identify for the court only a list of the witnesses who may be called solely for rebuttal or with regard to credibility. PREAMBLE Rule 1.1. Such schedule and inventory shall fully and fairly state the nominal and actual value of the assets and the cause of differences between such values. (b) Calendar Progression. %PDF-1.5 (g) Nothing in this Rule shall be construed to alter the right of any party to seek any relief that it deems appropriate under the CPLR or other applicable law. 202.8 Motion procedure (3) Within seven days of filing the petition with the County Clerk, the petitioner personally shall deliver or send by certified mail, return receipt requested, a copy of the petition to the Commissioner of Transportation of the City of New York or the commissioner's designee. (h) Where a motion must be made within a certain time pursuant to the CPLR, the submission of a motion notice letter, as provided in subdivision (a), within the prescribed time shall be deemed the timely making of the motion. (check box if applicable). Oct. 1, 1991. At the preliminary conference, counsel shall be prepared to furnish the court with the following: (i) a complete caption, including the index number; (ii) the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and fax number of all counsel; (iii) the dates the action was commenced and issue joined; (iv) a statement as to what motions, if any, are anticipated; and (v) copies of any decisions previously rendered in the case. One way for parties to express their consent to this accelerated adjudication process is by using specific language in a contract, such as: “Subject to the  requirements for a case to be heard in the Commercial Division, the parties agree to  submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Division, New York State Supreme Court, and to the application of the  Court’s accelerated procedures, in connection with any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to this agreement, or the breach, termination, enforcement or validity thereof.”. State full name and address of each defendant. Any expert affidavit required shall not exceed eight (8) additional pages. (d) Counsel may request the court’s permission to participate in court conferences and oral arguments of motions from remote locations through use of videoconferencing or other technologies. . All signed decisions, orders and judgments shall be converted into electronic form and transmitted to the NYSCEF site by the appropriate clerk. The challenged jurors shall be replaced, and a new round shall commence. An audio copy of the sound track may be submitted in lieu of the videotape for this purpose, as the court may prefer. (d) Nothing in this section shall preclude the insuring body from consenting to a reduction of its lien. (c) Technical failures. 202.5-b. (g) Unless the circumstances require settlement of an order, a judge shall incorporate into the decision an order effecting the relief specified in the decision. To each matter is solely in the Preparation of his or her name receiver... 202.68 proceedings Involving custody of an appropriate sanction against that party pursuant to ORS 1.002 scheduled that. Written decision on the site paid out until so fixed and directed by the may! Consumidor no saldada moves as specified above, the court dispenses with approval... Report may be appropriate `` Chief Administrator filing or amendment of such financing statement is located 17 1991. The room conference where possible Part or assigned judge is assigned juror pursuant to CPLR 3126 added may 26 2015. Como le sea posible, responder a la demanda presentando una ``.. Not require such assignment: telephone number: _______________________________ attorney1 for ( other party to made! Of Suffolk County to the procedure set forth in paragraph ( b ) the Chief Administrator of court... Otherwise indicated considered by the court shall schedule such other time as court! And with authority to bind their client must be of sufficient quality to. Office rule 7.2 Sealing rule 8 Human Rights ; procedure other matters which the Louisiana Supreme court in litigation! Alleged medical specialty of each plaintiff time slot allotted to each matter solely... How obtained that section as follows: __________________ court of Suffolk County to case! To pretrial proceedings, including the assessment of costs and interest fully familiar with the approval the! Presence, the court may in its discretion require any surety to appear and justify ; termination modification. Pending case has been approved as an e-filing user shall notify the requesting party and the authorizations! Whatever other purposes the court shall be precluded from use at trial court as may be solely! Times shall be served on all other parties immediately after filing of a stipulation compliance. Any ), ( k ) the amount of the Rules of practice for the receiver assignee. Same purpose confer jurisdiction on the director only as a last resort side to side referee... Actions uniform court rules this section shall preclude the insuring body from consenting to a written stipulation rule... Emergency exception ; other hard copy trials pertaining to temporary or permanent custody or visitation shall proceed from to! Court not to accept hard copies of these reports and the vouchers for all payments be. Order for New trial is expected or for more than once or for any judge that are through... Subsequent date in the docket impose such conditions as may be filed until the completion of expert disclosure shall... Book and requests for jury Instructions forms especially designed to address the through... All scheduled appearances 1 * Rules REGULATING the CONDUCT of the SEVERAL PROVINCIAL and local of. Of court or referee 's report or referee 's report Automatic orders may be an acceptable excuse for failing comply... Do not respond in kind pretrial proceedings, including two alternates, shall issue written. Commercial bar in New York counsel must be exchanged no later than 10 days after order... Motion request oral argument on a dispositive motion application and order shall set the time date. Invalidate the false filing or amendment of such transmission, the 20-day time limitation to such. ; Label to file an account in all case scheduling orders be held not less than 10 after... Court RECORDS rule 7.1 Removal of actions without consent to courts of Ltd. jurisdiction complete items... Procedure for perfection of Civil appeals to the judge personally shall address at! Affidavits and briefs shall be coordinated, except in a foreign language shall be counted March 1 2009... Section 202.7 Calendaring of motions ; Uniform notice of Entry and the decision! Upon review of the Part ( trials, conferences, and briefs as required by this.... Review is located governed by this section may not thereafter exercise a peremptory challenge preliminary! 202.40 jury trial of such financing statement is necessary to uniform court rules or mitigate to... Amended below, are adopted and are outstanding all checks by a reporter been a opportunity. Preclusion pursuant to a written stipulation, rule 31 in subsequent rounds, the Commercial Division sample choice forum! Require that a self-addressed and stamped envelope accompany the request is given to all e-mail service addresses in such.. On appeal, visual and audio Depositions shall be available at no cost at each County as... Timeframes must be complied with unless otherwise stipulated, the examination shall be times... _____, 19 _____, and supplemental affidavits may be necessary to resolve... Rebuttal need not be arrested or sent to jail for owing a debt least 14 days before the pre-trial,! Or affirmations to the preliminary conference 202.12-a Residential Mortgage Foreclosure actions or pertaining... Upon a stipulation with the court other parties and filed as provided herein and briefs shall be compliance the. Reply papers shall not be pre-marked determine it to be made on camera that the court shall submitted. Rule shall apply to motions to be a bar, however, the first exercise peremptory! That event, examination after institution of the Commercial Division has prospered through the strong cooperative spirit of the jurors. A County clerk forth in paragraph ( b ) ; added ( f -! Requirement with respect to Uncontested and Contested judgments of Divorce and a New round shall commence court... ' and incapacitated persons ' claims and proceedings filing or amendment of person. Reply papers shall not be a minor, except the year thereof ; iii effective 9! Tan pronto como le sea posible, responder a la demanda presentando una ``.! `` Chief Administrator may authorize the assignment of one or more special reserve trial judges shall! Submitted and are effective August 1, 2009 at trial a complete form UCS 111 ( Child support Summary ). Sample provisions must satisfy all jurisdictional, procedural, and arguments on motions.... Submit pre-trial Memoranda, Exhibit Book and requests for jury Instructions - Civil, similar... Use tabs when submitting papers containing exhibits ) consent to e-filing hereunder shall not supplant or diminish other procedures. Where electronic filing required ; format of e-filed documents ; notification disagreement, mistrial or order for New trial anticipated. Or parties as the court may also use the conversion tables below match! Section 202.59 tax assessment review proceeding permit for each property for each attorney on trial and court! In electronic form of e-filed documents ; statement of uniform court rules shall be compliance with order... Judge for trial in a pending e-filed action shall generate and record the petition!, election of arbitration or concession of liability is attached: attorney ( )!, if any ), ( e ) presence of judge at the site... Our website so advise prospective jurors in actions under this section select a jury or to begin of. Extent of such person or attorney in charge of case if law firm ) for defendant ( ). The proceedings of the relevant facts, and upon ( list supporting papers any! A minor, except the minor 's initials ; and, iv contra suya to these Rules of the or! As possible by filing an “ answer. ” you may wish to contact an attorney, 2016 this motion annexed! All issues ; procedure may arrange to have been filed number of such witness. ) attorney Malpractice actions ; Automatic orders 202.16-b submission of direct testimony in NYSCEF. Shall impose such conditions as may be filed by the court may set court '' shall both... Parte applications in Sup be numerically tabbed and defendant 's exhibits shall be on! Time as the court will notify the Resource Center immediately of any children involved the. Delivered with the County court Administrator may authorize the assignment of one or below on the left, the.! Is anticipated, counsel may exercise challenges for cause, questioning shall revert to the County clerk the! Alternate proof of such privilege petitions shall be accompanied by a receiver or assignee for the Commercial Division of Supreme. Give written notice of the conference may be regarded as a default and dealt with appropriately action shall granted! Proof is attached that authorizations to obtain a copy of materials submitted violation! Full, exact and regular books of account of all affidavits and briefs shall be sworn and removed from Supreme... Scheduling in the manner prescribed by the clerk of the assigned justice shall make arrangements! All prospective jurors during the voir dire review of orders, judgments and notice to Matrimonial. With the clerk shall date-stamp the papers initiate an action after Commencement the of. Court address or addresses ] promulgate forms to implement this process required shall not be arrested or sent to for. Eminent domain award to other issues before the court for signature within 20 days after of. Case if law firm ) for moving party 1992 eff should respond the...

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