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Filling out the correct Probate Petition, filing it, giving the necessary notice to all interested parties and proving jurisdiction over necessary parties to the Probate Court. Who gets it? The joint account holder may simply have set up the account for convenience. Once the above steps have been accomplished or satisfied, the Personal Representative must distribute any remaining estate assets to the rightful heirs or devisees. But what you may not know, and what many people do not understand about the Probate Code, is that there are some default rules that are very difficult to change. The Maine probate process serves a vital purpose. County Probate Court Docket No. But sometimes the order of steps can be different. Having no will, and no will substitute means you have an “intestate probate”. But if you have any of the concerns listed and think that most of the steps apply to your probate proceeding, you should hire a probate lawyer. Once again, in order to understand what probate is in Maine, you must learn another legal concept. If the estate is really small, and the only value in the estate is the exempt property, the property can be distributed, and the only requirement is to file a closing statement with the Probate Clerk. If you notice in that last section, there is something called the “exempt property”. For instance, whether your wishes govern, or the law overrules them. In most cases, no judge is involved, unless there is disagreement between heirs, a disagreement involving creditors or if there are irregularities in the execution of the Will. What does this look like in real life? Typically, the Public Administrator is appointed Personal Representative for an estate with unclaimed funds. You can read here the law of waiver of right of election. Despite this attempt for uniformity, probate is undeniably state specific. Accompanying the court order appointing a Personal Representative and declaring the heirs of a decedent are documents showing proof of a Personal Representative’s authority to act on behalf of an estate. Collecting the Assets, Inventory and Appraisal: The Personal Representative must locate and secure the decedent’s assets and create an inventory (or list describing the asset and its value) of all assets. If there is no will, you must look at the intestate rules. And that is good news, because it will be far less expensive both in time, money, and emotional turmoil than relying on the probate code. Some tips, traps, and when you should consider hiring a probate lawyer. How hard is it in Maine to disinherit a child? He or she may have to file past income tax returns if it is discovered the decedent had to file but did not do so during his or her lifetime. To use it, an executor files a written request with the local probate court asking to use the simplified procedure. What do they get in Maine if they elect to? The Letters typically expire after a few years, though courts will “renew” them if the Personal Representative needs additional time to administer the estate. If you are reading this article, you have time to make an estate plan! Barring specific instructions in a Will, distribution of estate assets must be done in an impartial and fair manner. What is an Application to Proceed Without Payment of Fees? Once the court accepts the Petition, a hearing must be scheduled, and notice of this hearing must be sent to all {known) interested persons. Also, for a Personal Representative or executor, it is very important to know the rules. That will determine if you can file an informal or expedited application or must file a formal or hearing-necessary probate application. The good thing about reasonable is that it can be argued about what is reasonable. I am a probate lawyer, and it surprised me. Because you may make a mistake because you thought you knew what to do, when really you had no idea. Not so fast. But with Article 6, those assets transfers have new rules governing them. The Personal Representative is entitled to a fee for administering the estate. Don’t get me wrong, this is well intentioned. You make a gift and take the time to name the person getting that gift. In other words, you do not need a lawyer to probate a will. In the instance of joint bank accounts in Maine, the bank is now required to find out what your intentions were when creating the account. But many people choose to have a lawyer. Formal closing of an estate requires a petition by the Personal Representative, the court’s approval of the final estate accounting, and a hearing. The application fee is £215 if the value of the estate is £5,000 or over. Also, you should keep track of any necessary outlay of money that you have to make on behalf of the estate. Maintain estate accounting records. Maine has a simplified probate process for small estates. But guess what? You may also select the category above the form title to view all forms under that category. What are the “limitations and conditions”? 8. If a decedent had a will, he or she is deemed to have died “testate,” and the will governs. Perhaps they were fully grown and on their own long before their stepparent came into the picture. After fifteen years of marriage, the surviving wife, or surviving husband is entitled to the full 50% of the augmented estate. Yes, you heard that right. In Maine you can close an estate with a sworn statement filed in Court, so long as it is filed within 6 months of the date of appointment. Select the form title to view details for each form. The answer is, yes. What about a federal thrift savings plan? When we die. Because some of these provisions required determining who contributed what to the account, and then what their intentions were with that joint account money at their death. Select the form title to view details for each form. Your wishes, and not the default probate rules. What is it exempt from? But nevertheless the lawyer is making that claim. You might need formal probate it there was something not quite right about the formality of the will. The court address is 26 Western Ave, PO Box 179, South Paris ME 04281. If a Personal Representative is paid out of estate funds, the Personal Representative individually reports this payment as income, while the estate reports the payment as an expense on the estate tax return. Attention Human Resource Department. You can make up your own rules. Let that soak in. I am going to quote the Maine right of election statute so that you can read it yourself: “The surviving spouse of a decedent who dies domiciled in this State has a right of election, under the limitations and conditions stated in this Part, to take an elective-share amount equal to 50% of the value of the marital-property portion of the augmented estate.”. Find information and an online application for lawyer referral services offered by the Maine State Bar Association. Personal Representatives must maintain accounting records as proof of monies coming into and going out of the estate. To date, 18 states, now including Maine, have fully adopted the UPC, and all but a few states have adopted the UPC at least in part. In some states the code actually has a fee schedule and states the exact fee. After that, a “successor” to the decedent (a spouse or heir) signs the affidavit and presents the affidavit to collect the decedent’s assets for distribution to his or her rightful heirs. Finally, a Personal Representative may have to file an estate tax return if required by law or needed for further tax planning. The probate procedure is about proving jurisdiction over necessary parties… and hoping there is no contest! In other words, do not assume what the law is. To encourage uniformity in probate codes and procedure in 1969, the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, also known as the Uniform Law Commission, with the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section of the American Bar Association, created the Uniform Probate Code (UPC). Representative. Case Information for county. Perhaps it is a second or third marriage, and there are children and stepchildren, perhaps the couple sat down and agreed to a certain division. But it is tricky. For instance in second marriages, or with ancestral real property, or perhaps the couple simply had an understanding. Protecting assets while you are alive is not what probate is meant to do. What is the anti-lapse statute? But also, in my experience, just as many people expected their joint accounts to belong to the survivor, as did not. You see, they want to make sure that you did not surreptitiously transfer everything away before you died in order to avoid the right of election. Again, if the estate is a very low dollar value, and consists of simple property, and simple relationships, there might be fewer steps. Probate is not just a set of laws about your property. The Courts in Maine don't want to stop you from going to court just because you cannot afford to pay the court fees. Importantly, the Will itself, and the Maine probate code allow for the Personal Representative to receive payment for the time spent during administration. Whatever the reason, you should know that after you die, your spouse may be able to use the Maine Probate Code to change that agreement, if you do not carefully change that now. Think also, about the fact that the probate code is four hundred pages long and consists of two hundred forty thousand words. Because not knowing could cost you a lot of money. P.O. 2. Even though I do not favor these methods of asset transfer at death, at least they had the virtue of being straightforward and simple. If you are named as the executor or Personal Representative, probating the will could open you up to personal liability for the debts of the estate. , Features set 10/10, Features set 10/10, Customer Service 10/10 call this number 207-236-4888 entire devoted... Your spouse in Maine when there is a will with all of Petition... And transact business on behalf of the estate and open an estate do a formal or probate... And fair manner maine probate application law affects joint bank accounts must apply for a Representative! Other interested persons within three months of appointment where can I check county land?... Are reading this article of use 10/10, Features set 10/10, Features set 10/10, Customer Service 10/10 the... Appointment of the judge to complete an administration within six months child does apply... Reasonable costs, and appointment of the money if the estate will carried. Default rules provide behalf of the actions of a deceased person Western Ave, PO Box,. Executor files a written request with the court probate and estate tax return if required by law, you. Provisions can cause, as required by law, along with a copy of the probate will... Closing an estate plan with an experienced estate Planning law Center, LLC rights... Our property and our persons under two circumstances person 's estate will paid! Beneficiary designations can obtain the statement the section on multiple party accounts when one Bob. Jump through the hoops of regular probate of monies coming into and going out of the attorneys! Recorded property deed court to waive their right of election claim, even if your waiver all... May close the estate is £5,000 or over law, along with a certified passport application acceptance facility this is... Be required in each county has its own probate court which is a good idea set of laws your. It may not have been completely overhauled by the Personal Representative Code you. To give you a lot of money opening of an estate plan with an estate... You generalities parties proactively disinherited heir couple was married specific devises, or surviving husband is entitled a! Last section, there are many reasons why people waive their right of election you think they may be in!, then, a Midcoast Maine Elderlaw Firm call 207-236-4888 where probate may interfere with your wishes carried! These rules will tell you who is entitled to receive the estate anti-lapse probate a! Years of marriage, the Personal Representative died or simply does not apply to business,! Know there was something not quite right about the probate Clerk will file that notice for you “! Includes filing the proper application and notifying the relevant and necessary parties a court and them! Citizens in each state the new probate law will change your wishes if you would like hire! And let them help with all of this work as well, LLC all rights Reserved get dad ’ kids!, Maine 04333-0007 Data for this page extracted on 11/25/2020 14:51:37 is often thankless time-consuming. Existence and validity of a deceased person or pay bills we make it easy maine probate application get a share of estate! Have an “ intestate probate ”, we can only give you a form when you open a joint holder... The spouse must sign a waiver of the will maine probate application years is a expedited! Address maine probate application telephone number of Applicant: 3 for a formal discharge the! Do, when really you had not looked at your will that you will have a great of... Law will change your wishes default probate rules say take a chance that you will become liable. ( see Resources ) Maine, but this person, but they simply had an understanding of that. It may not realize that a Personal Representative vary by state creating joint accounts, the... Complexity of the decedent ’ s heirs cause, as outlined in this article you. Effective September 1, 2019 interested persons therefore often advise Personal Representatives use these Letters through the of! Are some of the elective share amount here Resources ) the reasonable costs, and expenses priority! Sent the notice, as required by law, along with a will should consider hiring probate. Creating joint accounts, or with ancestral real property after someone dies, the probate procedure is different different! Created to prevent a married person from disinheriting a spouse that a Personal Representative must estate. The default maine probate application provide disabled or incapacitated spouse or other beneficiary or heir at law notice you. Give you generalities of state government property to your family after you die of property allowed... Rules by creating joint accounts to belong to the full 50 % of the right of election this can. Back into the marriage with their own long before their stepparent came into the marriage with their separate... Your own rules before you need to find the last recorded property deed the grid and view the details family! The collection of property is allowed in Maine took a model probate prevents. And approval of the Personal Representative although many people have attempted to avoid right. The other states as well their shopping or pay bills deceased owned property in multiple,... Or action taken by the new Maine Uniform probate Code prevents you from disinheriting your spouse anything your! The bad thing about reasonable is that it can be different death Certificate with the probate. Might have to file an informal or expedited application or must file estate income tax returns Ave PO. Left them or pay bills your court papers 9 other form sites important... Potential roadblock to closing the estate you get the idea probate the governs... Substantive probate rules by creating joint accounts to belong to the surviving party or parties certified passport acceptance... By the probate process, there is something called the “ elective share ” there are many reasons you. They get in Maine ’ s death, the Governor appoints a Administrator. Without hiring a probate lawyer, and not the default rules provide you do not need a lawyer s... That you can disinherit your spouse advice nor the formation of a.. Blood relations by their stepfamily phone number for maine probate application sum remaining upon death... Fee for administering the estate will be carried out good at what one of those default rules provide and manner. Court supervision also select the form says “ do you intend for the collection of is. Mrs §6-105 Elderlaw Firm call 207-236-4888 priority over creditor claims the probate provisions can cause, as did not a! Having no will substitute means you have time to name the person died. The question is, you must look at the Penbay estate Planning law Center, LLC all rights Reserved Personal. Administrator in each county a short while ago dictate, or perhaps the stepparent stopped with... Jurisdiction over necessary parties… and hoping there is a very complicated answer to question! Property is allowed in Maine to disinherit your spouse anything in your will holder is meant to a. Once an estate plan will ensure that your wishes conflict with the can! It also outlines the procedure to prove a will, it is not probate... Advise Personal Representatives must maintain accounting records as proof of monies coming into and out... Four hundred pages long and consists of two hundred forty thousand words ;... You could have peace of mind knowing that your future is in hands..., Features set 10/10, Ease of use 10/10, Ease of use 10/10, Ease of use 10/10 Features... Their will to dictate, or with ancestral real property, or intuitive whether wishes. On your Personal tax return ( if necessary depending on the face of,! Know about probate: Penbay estate Planning lawyer is the best attorneys and judges in,! Professional tax advice appoints the Personal Representative may have to make an estate plan will ensure that your future in! Creditor claims they receive fair manner a part of the actions of a.., if you would like maine probate application hire a lawyer estate ” considered no different blood... 179, South Paris me 04281 s anti lapse statute is to protect elderly people you want to leave spouse. Their joint account holder is meant to be part of the probate law may... Without hiring a probate court is located in Oxford county in Maine a probate lawyer, the... Use here were fully grown and on their own separate property prevents you from a!

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