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It’s like a socioeconomic crapshoot, wherein one could be born a senator’s son, or on the other side of the spectrum, a fatherless son. She would take us to Tribeca Film Festival and art galleries. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of him. It was here in the confines of a dark auditorium that Adeleke was first exposed to a world beyond his, and one that he earnestly aspired to replicate. I don’t have to be a thug, I don’t have to be a hustler, I don’t have to be a drug dealer. IMDb takes a look back at the top trending stars, movies, television shows, and cultural moments of this unprecedented year. For a child, there’s no way of knowing. A descendant of warriors and chieftains from Africa, Remi Adeleke became a warrior and a leader here.” Corey Hawkins, Lead actor,Straight Outta Compton,Kong Skull Island,6 Underground “It’s sometimes easy to fall victim to the false narrative that we can’t rise above our station. Meet actor Remi Adeleke. Email me at “We don’t get recruiters that come to high schools, and show what Navy SEALs do like they do in the suburbs. I am a graduate of New York University and am currently pursuing my master's degree in cinema studies at the same institution. God brought about an incredible transformation in the life of the “Transformers” star. Remi Adeleke is just a real man who took ownership of his life, his mistakes, his shortcomings and took control through faith, hard work, and a unwavering goal to become a Navy Seal. His father went on to study in London and became a well-known engineer and entrepreneur in Nigeria. It was like somewhat of a way for us to escape the violence through film,” said Adeleke. “Absolutely, if the opportunity is there, I’ll come back for a hundred ‘Transformers’ films [laughs]. And I don’t why but that’s just how it is.” It’s a depressing revelation for someone like Adeleke who credits it for helping turn his life around. Remi Adeleke on starring in 'Transformers' Actor and former Navy SEAL opens up about the movie When Remi Adeleke remembers his life of "doing bad things" growing up … Michael Bay is often known as the king of modern day action films. Remi Adeleke attends the US premiere of "Transformers: The Last Knight" at the Civic Opera House on June 20, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. It proved to be a formative experience, one that would inspire the thug-turned-Navy SEAL to try his hand at the very thing that inspired him to pursue acting. Listen to the audio interview and read the transcript below. It’s a vicious cycle, one that pushes individuals down and ensures they stay down. (Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for … Now with five “Transformers” films under his belt, it seems that Bay is finally moving on. For a child, there’s no way of knowing. His dad was the firstborn son of a Yoruba chief who had nine wives. Within a few years, Adeleke began dabbling in thievery, drug dealing and scamming. Birth sure is a lottery. It was a self-professed unsavory moment in Adeleke’s life, one that he reflects on in his interview with by saying, “I eventually came to the realization that I didn’t leave New York, I would either end up dead or in prison.”. You might know our guest Remi Adeleke from the movies ‘Transformers’ or his phenomenal book “Transformed: A Navy SEAL's Unlikely Journey from the Throne of Africa, to the Streets of the Bronx, to Defying All Odds”. I knew there was going to be a Bumblebee spin-off–that’s going into production soon–and there might possibly be other spinoffs too. And they weren’t playing thugs or gangsters or hustlers. *Remi Adeleke is a Navy SEAL, author of Transformed: A Navy Seal’s Unlikely Journey From the Throne of Africa, to the Streets of the Bronx, and actor (with credits in Transformers: The Last Night). Thankfully, it appears that Remi Adeleke broke out of that cycle. Remi Adeleke, Actor: Transformers: The Last Knight. Remi Adeleke is known for his work on Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), 6 Underground (2019) and Invasion. It was a tough undertaking, one that was inspired by Adeleke’s viewing of the Michael Bay classics, “Bad Boys” and “The Rock” back in the mid-90s. With commercials, plays and now films coming in, it appears that Adeleke’s trajectory of fame is only growing. Remi Adeleke is an actor, who featured in the well known movie “Transformer”, recounts how God changed his life radically. From hustler to Navy SEAL, the military man-turned-actor has seen it all. He is the father of three young boys who all bear the royal Nigerian middle name that they, male descendants of a chieftain, are entitled to. Remi Adeleke an actor, who featured in the well known movie “Transformer”, recounts how God changed his life radically.In an exclusive interview with Gospel Herald, Remi also shares his amazing story of faith,redemption and perseverance.. Read interview below: As a teen, “Transformers” actor Remi Adeleke lived life in the fast lane. Instead, they were playing heroes who were out there running and gunning to save the day.” The actor went on to explain that “when I saw that film, my mind kind of exploded and I realized there’s so much more out there., © Copyright - The Knockturnal | Developed by CI Design + Media, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Highlights From The 41st Annual Muse Awards, Exclusive: Michelin Star Chef Dani Garcia Talks Taste of sbe Virtual Culinary Event, Exclusive: Taylor K. 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How Remi Adeleke of 'Transformers' Transformed His Life Adeleke lived in Nigeria until he was five, but immigrated to New York with his mom and brother after his father passed away in 1987. Remi Adeleke is a former Navy SEAL, having served in Naval Special Warfare and with SEAL Team 3 from 2002 to 2016. With the corrupt military regime of Nigeria stripping his family of their fortune, the Adeleke’s were pushed into the other side of that cruel financial divide. Finding Positive Role Models in Bay’s “Bad Boys” and “The Rock”. But he hasn’t always had it easy. He tried it all, then found his way out by joining the military. With a Masters of Science and a tour of the Middle East under his belt, Adeleke soon entered the world of acting, starring in a few commercials and plays. I could that hero.” But Adeleke doesn’t attribute that to Bay alone. Whether it’s the incessant crime rates or the lack of economic opportunities, individuals born on the wrong side of the socioeconomic divide are often made to begin the rat race a few minutes–or in this case, more like a few years–after the more affluent and educated have. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. But for Remi Adeleke, there was much more to it than that. Asking about whether there was a sense of finality in the air during the shoots, Adeleke responded, “I didn’t know that this was going to be his last film during shooting. 54k Followers, 576 Following, 609 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Remi Adeleke (@remiadeleke) If they call me up and said, ‘we want you in another one’ or ‘are you available?’ I’ll be on first plane going out to wherever I need to film.” And with no end in sight for the “Transformers” series, it seems that maybe Adeleke will have to begin saving up those frequent flyer miles for those shooting trips. Remi Adeleke If you’ve decided that it’s time to uplevel your fitness, nutrition and mindset, then the SEALFIT Performance Challenge is the place to be. I wasn’t familiar with Remi Adeleke’s story prior to reading Transformed: A Navy SEAL’s Unlikely Journey from the Thrones of Africa, to the Streets of the Bronx, to Defying All Odds. So because of all this news about spinoffs and new universes, I didn’t get the impression that this was going to be his last film.” Perhaps Adeleke is right and Bay will return to have one more shot at creating an explosion-filled, fast cut “Transformers” flick. Remi’s life spiraled downward after his father died in 1987. As a part of America’s most elite fighting unit, Remi Adeleke has had the opportunity to see and do things men and women have only dreamt about. The NEST team, led by Major Lennox, arrive at Chicago, planning to wing-suit into the battlefield, but they are intercepted by Decepticon forces. His biggest project was one of the first manmade islands in the world, now known as Banana Island. When one goes to go see an action film, most pay attention to the explosions, the fight sequences and the high octane narrative. Remi Adeleke is a former military man and successful actor. Yet Remi takes that premise to task in this powerful memoir. (Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures via The Gospel Herald) "Living in the Bronx in the 90's, I got involved in some pretty bad activities," Remi told the Gospel Herald in an exclusive interview. Catch “Transformers: The Last Knight” nationwide June 21. From 42 to "How to Get Away With Murder," take a look back at the TV and movie roles of the stars of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. But even becoming a … Adeleke is a descendant of Edenton slaves. It warms my heart and inspires zeal to talk movies with fellow cinephiles. It’s like a socioeconomic crapshoot, wherein one could be born a senator’s son, or on the other side of the spectrum, a fatherless son. “Growing up in the inner city in the Bronx, I don’t feel like I had a lot of positive role models. Now, I didn’t say it like I’m going to do that, but it was more like if I could, I would do that.” It appears that that far-fetched idea eventually actualized, wherein his former self would seldom recognize him today. (Los Angeles, CA) — [Gospel Herald] As a teen, "Transformers" actor Remi Adeleke lived life in the fast lane. Navy SEAL to Michael Bay actor–the transformation of Remi Adeleke Birth sure is a lottery. Remi Adeleke was born in Western Africa, but following the death of his father, he, his mother, and brother relocated permanently to the Bronx in New York City. He has been through very dark times in his life and career, and only when he met Jesus did things start to turn around, as he reveals in his I AM SECOND testimony. After serving as Navy SEAL, he transitioned into a career in the entertainment industry, working as a creative consultant and actor on Transformers… I felt like because of the reports I read where they were getting ready to set up a new universe, Bay would stay on. It’s a cruel natal destiny to say the least. Whether it is the slow-mo action sequences or the larger-than-life narratives, Bay has a style that is nothing short of an auteur.

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