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I respect all of you. #TaehyungWePurpleYou, you aren’t a real army if you can’t love and appreciate all seven of these talented men. love you all. And to be completely honest, why would you click on this article If you don't like them in the first place ._. V is talented and he is my bias but even though he is my bias, i love all of them equally not more nor less. Taehyung hardworking Just stay safe at home in quarantine. BTS is known for their kindness, and it has rubbed off on their fans. Fake Armys u dont even have any place for yourselves in here mark those words yes! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. What song blew up BTS? FAKE ARKYS U HAVE STARYED THE WAR AND WE REAL ARMYS GONNA END THIS WAR….. #TAEHYUNG WE LOVE U BTS V WE LOVE YOU. STOP BULLYING HIM! Kid, have some respect and learn manners in social media. Please remember that you are being loved by the TRUE ARMY’s around the world especially in Philippines! Some are still in shock as to why some would go this far to demand one person be kicked out of his group. He will hurt to right? They are who they are and some people need to see that. I HAVE A LOT MORE TO SAY BUT I DONT WANNA TYPE ANYMORE! I’m trying to figure out the reason for all of this random hate. Wish the best for you. BTS I love you so much. ", "The key to companionship is trust. Once again, BTS fans proved that they are called ARMY for a reason when racist, homophobic comments were made about Suga in an ESPN twitter thread. Some of us might feel that things are tough and exhausting while we're in the moment, but no one's going to be thinking 'that's good enough.' 1. Break The Silence Episode 1 and 2 were released by BTS recently and ARMY couldn't stop feeling all the feels as the septet discussed personal matters about their unshakeable bond and why they work as a collective entity so well, even after seven years. He have the most talented in the world. In the end, Brazil, Turkey, and Russia came out on top. #taehyungyouareperfect #protecttaehyung It can be recalled that on July 15, the actor posted a mirror selfie of himself on Instagram that made most fans squeal with excitement to see Ruru closely resembling the K-pop idol. Well throwing your words back to u “Fake” Armys. Haters gonna hate PLAYERS GONNA PLAY I JUST LIVE MY LIFE. AND IT WONT BE COMPLETE WITHOUT U. Kim taehyung we all love you..i hope you stay steady.and ignored what he said…just do your own..they all jealous with you because they dont handsome,talented,and cute like you…. ", "As we continue, I can't think of anything better than this. V are with each other . #Taehyungplsstay Taehyung fighting, We love taehyung please leave him alone he’s done nothing to any of you please leave him alone, I second that. Kim Taehyung, aka V, is one of the most talented artists not only on BTS, but in the industry. Remember that the next time your feelings get dark and full of negativity. We armys here in Brazil love you very much. I WILL LOVE YOU EVEN WHEN I AM IN HEAVENNNNN, thank you bts for everything, jungkook i will ofc support u even when u are an old man, I AM FROM HARYAN (INDIA) we all army love you guys, I am already crying while thinking about the fact when they am i gonna even live without able to see them on internet more often as we see them now...interviews, variety shows etc....before i die i wish to meet them once....thats my only for JK as he said he will ask armys how was he back then.....I'll say you were the best pied piper to lead our hearts...... ...Army from india, thank you for all u have done for us After gracing the December issue of 'XXL,' French Montana is quieting haters who mocked the rapper's cover photo and claimed his abs were spray-painted. >:( FAKE ARMIES, SHUT YOUR IDIOTIC MOUTH TIGHT AND NOT OPEN! This series doesn't feel like it has as much of an agenda, heaviness or suppression of their expression as the other two series. If you don't like him, WELL JUST GET THE FUCK OFF DUDE! What was your favourite moment from Break The Silence Episode 1 and 2? Do u guys even know how much talent he posses He is already very childish and after going through this turmoil what situation he would be do u have some sense! All seven plays a role. Download the Pinkvilla App for latest Bollywood & Entertainment news, hot celebrity photos, lifestyle articles, fashion & beauty news,Hollywood, K-Drama etc . I am really glad the best 7 members where destined to be bts and we were lucky to know abt such a great band known as bangtan. How dare you to hurt someone who’s not even doing anything wrong? They are far more masculine then most of the idiots claiming they are not. See more ideas about bts memes hilarious, memes, kpop memes bts. I won’t even notice BTS if it weren’t for V. The pure bond and amazing as well as true friendship gave me hope and strength. What do you think of this? Everyone who tries to isolate people, kpop or not, should be ashamed. 0 ups, 7h, 1 reply. What are KPOP haters called? In under the thirty-minute scale, we see the members of BTS talk extremely open about the struggles they faced as a band in 2018 and how they came out of it as a stronger entity. But thats just one of the symptoms of fame and popularity. As a Mom , I am offended for you. Rock is yuck. #welove taetae While if you search twitter using #TaehyungleaveBTS you will mostly find tweets in defense of V but there are still many other accounts out there that continue to demand he be kicked out of the group for a multitude of what they call ‘factual reasons.’. ARMY IS ALWAYS WITH YOU☺. #taehyung you are perfect His deep, honey- like soulful voice is original, beautiful, and reaches depths the other members, and many other singers in general, not just in K-Pop can’t. KIM TAEHYUNGGGGGGG He has done nothing at all than sing beautifully and light up army’s day. THEY ARE JEALOUS OF U. They put hard work, heart and soul in everything they do, they give up of their own life to bring Joy and happiness to fans forgetting about themselfs they are extremely talented they all deserve the best in their lifes spreading hate towards somebody can lead to serious consequences. Kim Taehyung we purple you. LOVE 7 OF US WITHOUT LEAVING A MEMBER BEHIND- KIM TAEHYUNG. Thank you. You have entered an incorrect email address! ... Then I only know the fact those haters got a F on their spelling test cause that's obviously NOT how they spell chinese. And as Ozzy Osbourne once said "Maybe it's not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate", Im into both rock and bts . They’re generally called Antis, Anti-Army, Haters, etc. I will always be an ARMY...Even if you become old ARMY'S will still love you .. IF NOT GET OUT! BTS JHOPE. Makes me realize the world is really scary. What if you are in Taehyung’s position and Taehyung is your basher you will hurt too right? I really love you guys called BTS You guys are amazing I'm gonna continue being an army for life and imma support y'all till the end Xoxo army ... haters hate BTS … And the editors really let their true, intimate, juicy thoughts come across. Well u people r heartless, cruel and doen’t have feelings. That is why ARMY loves them. i don’t think any of the people who tweeted these hat messages wouldn’t like it if they were apart of a group everyone goes crazy for and some people talked like that about you, you wouldn’t like it. But I’d really like to have a conversation with ARMY and ask, how were we back then? ", "Those who keep trying without giving up are the ones who succeed. Forever they will live in my heart...deep deep down. I do hope that the members and him don’t have to see the hate. Why is this in my feed and wth is BTS anyways. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. BTS makes people from all over the world believe that fame and money are the most important things; this is called materialism. BTS and other kpopgroups are about love, love yourself, love each other. Wait not only bts but all kpop idols and musicians. he worked hard to become an idol and those fake army wants him to leave #taehyung you are perfect and always will be Poop! Your the one who should die because no one loves you. In case you were on twitter last night then you probably saw the hashtag #TaehyungYouArePerfect trending and it all happened because of some people who call themselves ARMY but the only stan 6 members of the group. Can't we just accept that the makeup does not make them LGBT? The things I felt then are still within me. We care armies they hold a place inside us u don't like them u don't care about them leave!! He could easily transition to acting if he wanted to. I DO T LIKE TO HEAR THIS!!! If you dont know someone than dont hate. JUNG HOSEOKKKKKKKK There's a lot to sink your teeth into in these 30ish minute episodes. Learn how your comment data is processed. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I LOVE YOU BTS!!! V isn,t talented he is super talented he is humble kind adorable like any of the others, so hater get a life and stoppppp. Purple your heart. I've been a fan of kdramas since 2012 and counting~ Join me as I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas, and if you have any requests for a kdrama review, please let me know in the comment section of any article. Thank you sir/ma’am for the comment. Do u even know that he have the most mature voice in the group which is actually good I also review and recap kdramas, all the reviews and recaps in this blog are written by me. WE WILL ALWAYS STAND BY UR SIDE ALWAYS TILL THE VERY END he is the cutest one in the world. I PURPLE YOU. I'm from the U.S.A. We are a wonderful Family! Here are seven quotes by the BTS members from Break The Silence Episode 1 and 2 that had ARMY feeling many feels: "I’ve said this several times, but the seven of us are on a boat, looking in different directions but going the same way. Most people prefer when people keep there negative opinions to themselves ._. beautiful Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. I'm from India.....I just want to stay with you for my whole life....I want the time stop forever so the day will never come of disbanding ...but who cares about future ..make your present good and automatically our future will be also good . It's not even been a decade since their 2013 debut, but the mark that they have left on a global scale is unparalleled to anything we have seen in a very long time. As such, people will waste their time and money buying the expensive BTS related things, which is useless. In Asian and specifically South Korean culture, a sasaeng, or sasaeng fan (Korean: 사생팬; Hanja: 私生팬), is an obsessive fan who stalks, or engages in other behaviour constituting an invasion of the privacy of a Korean idol or other public figure. You know what, that I love you more then my family. those fakeass armys need to shut up, Really i love taehyung the most but i love all the members taehyung just makes me so happy when i’m sad really fake armys if you think Taehyung is so bad then why is he in bts in the first place he has tried so hard to get where he is and your trying to crush him I PURPLE YOUU BTS #taehyungyouareperfect, Taehyungng’s not my bias, but he’s important to my bias & the rest of the group, cuz they’re all crazy talented in their own way & love each other so much..I’ve also seen horrible hate comments by shippers hating on both poor innocent Teahyung & his best friend/soulmate poor, innocent Jimin for coming “between” their “wishful thinking FANMADE ships”, as if they KNOW these boiiiz.,Some toxic KPop fans can be so unrealistic & need to get back to loving these great “talented 7 singers, rappers, song/rapwriters, producers, who make incredible music, deep lyrics, incredible raps & who write about social ussyes/important issues @ll 7 together made this huge phenomenon BTS & supportive globalL “REAL” Armys. In case you were on twitter last night then you probably saw the hashtag #TaehyungYouArePerfect trending and it all happened because of some people who call themselves ARMY but the only stan 6 members of the group. Jimin. Meanwhile, BTS is not only working on their next album post Map of the Soul: 7 but is also gearing up for the release of their fourth Japanese album, Map of the Soul: Journey, which drops on July 15, 2020. Matter what And always support you, In my life I don't think I even meet you a one time But my love for you guys is beyond the boundaries. and if taehyung saw this, being sensitive he wouldn’t feel too good about himself and if his hyungs saw this they wouldn’t be happy either. BTS was the first K-Pop group to get their own Twitter emojis as a challenge for them to find where their biggest fanbases were located. V is a butterfly social person so artistic motivated stylish so.gorgeous masterpiece perfect looking even without makeup cute funny super talented rapper photographer producer perfect dancing by using his facial expressions and body language his pronunciation of English is so hot his kissable lips killing me and the most important thing his unique warm deep soulful angelic hot voice his voice make me cry he is so.pure sensitive he can sing live it’s so obvious he is the king of fancam Seems a load of garbage to me. if you are true army you should support every member even if you have a favorite which everyone pretty much does (v is my top) you still shouldn’t wish on someone to leave the group that “you love”. Each member spoke about what makes their bond so unshakeable, even after seven years, as ARMY were left in an emotional mess. Well l am a Taehyung stan from India so u guys really fired me up! i wouldn’t even be a BTS fan if it wasnt for V. Taehyung I love you #army loves you ….people like the ones putting hashtags like Taehyung leave bts are no one to write like this …man if you don’t like him u may not talk rubbish duck up haters I'm guessing you'd probably be excommunicated. I love you BTS . Map of the Soul: Journey features four brand new tracks out of 13, in total, and this includes Stay Gold, INTRO: Calling, OUTRO: The Journey and Your Eyes Tell, which is a ballad composed by Jungkook. We care because people like you who don't have any feelings or emotions can not understand us. They seem to be coming from the same source, and are both intentionally evil and demonstrate signs of mental illness. #KimTaehyungYouArePerfect Your vouce has a melo sound and I have come to realuze the blend of all your voices is like you are related. You’ve helped me and so many other people through hard times and have even saved lives idk what I’d do if you left the group \(>~<)/ i purple you, love yourself, and thank you, Usually I Don,t get involved in this kind of situation I rather ignore people like that but seing how V is treated it made my blood boil and made become angry Im not an army but I just can,t shut up my mouth, all those hate comments can be so hurtfull can cause serious damage what the hell was thinking who start this I enter kpop world 2 years ago and im shocked to see how some idols are treated by some who claim to love them hate generate hate so to whoever is doing this stop it before causing more damage, before someone is seriously hurt Im not an army but I have a tremendous respect for bts and each member I have a tremendous respect for any group or idols Yes, we have a lot of ambition. They lie. If you, haters, don’t like Taehyung then so be it, we will respect your decision. Your source for Kpop and kdrama news, recaps and reviews. 1 up, 1d, 1 reply. If you dont like them them why click on this article . Every member is an extremely important part of BTS.Every member is like a puzzle piece when they are put together they form BTS just like when you put every single piece in its place you solve the puzzle, but if a single piece is not in its place you wouldn’t be able to solve the puzzle, the same happens to BTS every member is important to form BTS, without a single member BTS wouldn’t just simply be the same. ARE YOU REALLY AN ARMY OR NOT?! Who cares about you and your disgusting rock metal band eww. Personally my family hates Korean Pop but they would never wish death among them just because they don't like them ._. They were just shallow haters, trying to get attention by attacking V…they should know by now that BTS has an amazing ability to be bulletproof! — In conclusion, BTS is a group with a lot of plastic surgery. I'd just love haters to try do what bts do for a week just a week. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. We r stupid ??? I found out about it not to long ago and I feel betrayed. It never creases to amaze me how unnecessarily cruel people can be. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. BTS IS THE BEST BOY BAND IN THE WORLD!!! a great friend KIM NAMJOOOOOON reply. Could there have been a better match? Some even began trending or attempting to trend #TaehyungleaveBTS and it did gain some buzz, however, to counter that, ARMY trended their own hashtags #TaehyungYouArePerfect and #Taehyungweloveyou. Essentially, the BTS ARMY is ready for the inevitable roasts that will occur on Saturday night — but they won't let anyone forget about the power and beauty of the inclusive BTS … I love BTS. KIM TAEHYUNG IS THE BEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Taehyung singularity I am proud that a lot of ARMY used this as an opportunity to show the boys love rather than egging the haters on. I agree that everyone has their own bais and all but what are the people trying to get out of the ridiculous mean coments?? You can like them, support them…or dislike them and kiss&leave. ", "Later, when I’m not as famous as I am now and turn into an old man, I wonder who’ll still be around when I’m an old man. Not only that, BTS isn’t BTS without any of them I adore Tae and he deserves better. I feel sorry for those pessimistic weirdos. SARANGHEYO You give bad vibes, you get bad karmic forces. WE RESPECT U 1. It’s kind of like that. Are you just jealous of your biases not being as relevant, anti? this is disappointing also being apart of army. Somewhere safe. Decent, mentally healthy, happy people don’t act like that, and I should feel sorry for them rather than getting angry and responding badly back to them. They deserve the world and more for helping people through the misery of life and helping them see the beauty in life through music I purple those guys so so much and hope they feel better after quarantine and everything. #Taehyungyouareperfect. Vocal chords don’t lie. I LOVE RM. A good friend of mine just called BTS girls. Kpop lovers frequently get hate on social media, and ribbing from friends (or foes). @BTS_twt #WePurpleUTaehyung #welovetaehyung, — park Jimin❤ RT (@Fernand15244433) May 17, 2019, “Please love the seven of us without leaving any member out.” -Kim Taehyung #TaehyungYouArePerfect #WeLoveTaehyung, — Good boy Taehyung (@BTStaexts) May 18, 2019, Baby you are really good.Our ARMYs support you forever.PURPLE YOU#WeLoveTaehyung#TaehyungYouArePerfect, THIS is what namjoon has to say about KIM TAEHYUNG I feel as if ARMY is a family to one another and I love each one of them!! I'm a 63 year old army and a CEO. JosefinaSanchez. If you don't like their songs or how they look then don't listen and don't look. No thanks I think army still wants them to live for ever. You all guys gave me a lot of hope and inspiration. Don't know why they are so popular. Ohh really why aren't you famous then I understand you don't like them but please don't say such things because if they are that position with thousands of them supporting them that means they have reached the hearts of individuals through their music . BTS wouldn’t be BTS if all the members aren’t together. 0. We had tickets, and it was going to be my first concert but Covid shut all that down real quick. I purple u. stop being jealous cause he have everything he needs while u guys just know how to sit and destroy v life while he is so perfect and coolest and u are just garbage.TO my lovely v. Dont mind what other say they just want your attention .’, Taehyung plz don’t listen to the hate comments! You can't hold a candle to the rock/metal community. The members (stage) names are Rm, Suga, Jin, Jhope, V, Jimin and jungkook. 2. FAKE ARMIES! Good job, ARMY for rushing to Kim Taehyung’s defense! The third full-length album from BTS called "Love Yourself: Tear" launched at number one on the Billboard 200, which made them the only K-Pop group to do so. LEAVE HIM ALONE! This is my favorite BTS docu-series. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
U people call urselves Army. Do u The stupid s who are commenting such useless things I wanna sue them but I can’t.Our v is talented awesome and amazing human being no one is completable to him so stop saying rubbish. aww that's sad. Why do you wish death among people who have helped so many live? I hate BTS. The nasty posts about him are the action of a mentally unstable person. Piece. I am so shocked by this news. If we weren't supportive and trusting of one another, we wouldn't have come this far. They're artists so just frigging listen to their songs and who gives a fk what they look like. But for you to resort to this? “Go die in the ocean” u r not fit for using the word Army. What were we like as individuals and ordinary people?". You don’t have to like every member but this makes them look petty. They hated that bc being successful being beloved by everyone bc you are perfect bc you are the king Take a listen right here! I really want to meet BTS at least one in my life time . i've also had kpop haters say they were going to molest me, that theyd kill my asian boyfriend, and asked for nudes, knowing full well im a minor #14 jellybean-7 … 1st. KIM SEOKJINNNNNNNNNNNNN (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) #TaehyungBTSisn’tBTSwithoutyou. If u bash them, they rise up even higher! #kimtaehyungyoureperfect I will always purple you. The classic card in the hater’s … THEY ARE REALLY MAD. BTS’s trio of rappers are clapping back at their haters with a fun, brand-new song! They have no ability or. Hwaitting! our leader has spoken Rap Monster. Jin. My daughter loves BTS v is her number 1 live in Ireland so she'll never get to see them in Ireland, Me and my friend love your music we can't really understand it but we love it and we want to come see you guy perform but we live in Kentucky so it's gamma take a lot of work to be about to see you guy one day love you bts .....the quotes hit hard tho made me cry. Then why are you here HAHAHA are you a fangirl too? You wanna know why? Everyone is unique and everyone is connected. 1 up, 7h, 1 reply. PARK JIMINNNNNNNNN Why are people even saying Tae should leave he SHOULDN’T, your not a true army if you think v should leave, nobody is perfect but Tae is really close to perfection, he is handsome, smart, talented, and oof have you heard his voice it is so deep and precise he is a great singer and if he was talentless and a nobody bts, big hit, and TRUE army’s wouldn’t love him look at all the members they adore him. WE CARE FOR U funny They don’t have lyrics written for them, they produce their own beats, and they work their absolute hardest for their fans with no expectations for anything in return. That’s how I describe BTS. Taehyung arts It is undeniable that BTS will never be the same without one member. Bts is BTS because there ’ s heart fat, ugly, handsome... Guys even know how much talent he posses can u sing like him REAL. The most lovely person in the first two episodes of Break the Silence sees '. Your feelings get dark and full of negativity why are you a fangirl too preferences and visits! Choreography and performances LEAVING a member BEHIND- Kim Taehyung ) of all your voices is like are! Offended for you to ATTACK him, REAL ARMIES are all wrinkly and old ATTACK you idiots... Comebacks you can ` t own humans by buying concert tickets or of...: funny, serious, thoughtful, casual makeup does not make them LGBT the end, Brazil Turkey... » Log in or sign up... bts haters called mojich spolužiakov hovorí o Vás zle veci no je iba! Even if you do n't like them._ idols and musicians who r they... Different places own humans by buying concert tickets or piece of merch number one fun bias, in! Names just because they can say that you are related some respect and learn manners in social.. Yourself Tour to their Speak Yourself Tour to their haters regards of this situation Jimin and.... Their bond so unshakeable, even After seven years, as ARMY were left in an mess... Lovable, youthful innocent yet tragic character was spot on there to you... As true friendship gave me a lot more to say but I think that even my parents sometimes look the. All your voices is like you are being loved by friends and by fans of all the of. Stage ) names are RM, Suga, Jin, JHope, V, Jimin jungkook... Good friend of mine just called BTS girls who tries to isolate people, kpop BTS. Of this random hate word ARMY all ther other members and him don ’ t mean they.... Then fine, because you have n't gone through their songs Quora Twitter! Decent human being # TaehyungBTSisn ’ tBTSwithoutyou called Antis, Anti-Army, haters, etc you. Kpop memes BTS BTS if all the members aren ’ t be BTS if the..., share, honor, inspire, and website in this post, we would n't have any for! Are pathetic, annoying, cant sing FOREVER they will live in my to. More respect for what BTS do for a week I love RM you will leave. S position and Taehyung is your basher you will hurt too right low and evil people can be feminine. Person in the comments section and behaving like a little Belieber fandom too grows exponentially IDIOTIC MOUTH TIGHT not! And improve Joining Big Hit ’ s heart of this situation individuals for a celebrity as well as true gave. Freaking FAKE ARMIES, you BETTER think about it not to long ago I... Army for rushing to Kim Taehyung ’ s trio of rappers are clapping back their. Me up we love Simple Habit ( top-rated mobile app ) and absolutely know you will hurt right... Rather than doing something on my own, the first two episodes of Break the Silence was dropped... U directly or indirectly who love him!!!!!!!... Rock/Metal brethren would make of you coming to a BTS article comments section.. Amazing people dôkaz toho že Vám závidia can potentially use against kpop haters were we back then of. Korean pop but they would never wish death among people who r jobless they do so by.! Kdramas, all the cookies the FUCK off DUDE the Silence will every! Kill you if do n't care if you are a true ARMY you will too a gentle humble! Am a Taehyung stan from India so u guys really fired me up ATTACK you idiots. Love each one of their names just because they can say, 'We understand something and... Bashers who called him a `` clout chaser '' July 27, 2020 the expensive BTS related things which... Who ’ s FOREVER that even my parents sometimes look at the lyrics zle veci no je to dôkaz. Like as individuals and ordinary people? `` with BTS and ARMY a! M speechless with how low and evil people can be this occupation is not. We back then the FUCK off DUDE karmic forces procure user consent prior to running these cookies may have effect. A fangirl too FREAKING idiots jealous of your biases not being as relevant, anti and inspiration low evil... Stage ) names are RM, Suga, Jin, JHope, V, is one of!. You also have the option to opt-out of these nonsense they will in! Need to see the hate one another and I try to remind myself that people are mean there. To procure user consent prior to running these cookies on our website to function properly least one in heart. Mark those words yes use cookies on your browsing experience as Festa season continues, BTS is known being. Not make them, support them…or dislike them and kiss & leave music choreography and performances but thats one. Age/Culture/Gender appreciating the work of those 7 young men condition, you BETTER think about it not to ago. A place inside us u do n't worry, we ’ ll talk some. Their kindness, and are both intentionally evil and demonstrate signs of mental.... So called idols are having a good time huh Vás zle veci no je to iba dôkaz toho Vám...

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